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It’s nice to see Kim step out with something other than her usual arm candy of Hermes or Chanel handbags. The glam reality star loves her neutral pieces in beige and black but always keeps her designer brands big and flashy. Since Kim only carries big name brands, it’s only natural that she be spotted with a Celine Beige Phantom Bag in Suede.

There are so many hot variations of this shape in different sizes and colors that just about everyone can find what they like. This year the Celine bag line keeps getting bigger and better with the colorblocking on the Celine luggage totes and the stunning white python Celine Cabas Phantom. Pretty soon mid-level brands will be churning out copies of Celine bags, trying their best to imitate the shape. Until then, bag-obsessed fashionistas have a style truly unique from all else that is available in local malls!

Selena Gomez was just spotted leaving a Malibu beach party wearing this jersey dress. The short in the front, long in the back shape is perfectly in tune with this summer’s trend list. Her simple black flats and the casual dress received an oomph factor with her fabulous, ultra-status symbol handbag.The star was spotted not long after boyfriend Justin Bieber got into an altercation with paparazzi – who claim he got violent in anger! Talk about two young stars growing up fast.

The Louis Vuitton Empreinte Lumineuse bag in Infini has tote handles and a shoulder strap so you can mix it up when it comes to how you carry it. The exterior is made of calfskin, making it more durable than lambskin bags so you can carry it wherever you want without worrying you’ll cause damage. In spite of the more durable calfskin, the bag still looks soft and feminine and glam with the striking LV monogram.

At only 19 years old, Miley Cyrus has much of what we never will – a celebrity father, a megahit TV show, a movie career, a singing career and more money than anyone should ever have. The young pop star has recently become engaged to Liam Hemsworth, making young women even more jealous than ever before.

Miley recently stepped out on the town sporting her ginormous new engagement ring and a classy and demure Givenchy Nightingale handbag. The star mixed up her grungy jeans and midriff look with her elegant handbag and stunning ring. The singer has also been seen paring up her black handbag with more colorful, feminine dresses and skirts. Which look do you prefer best to go with the bag?

Rosie Huntington Whitely has been spotted with her Fall 2012 Celine Green Suede Phantom Bag once again in Miami. The Victoria’s Secret Supermodella/Transformers star loves carrying this trendy piece by Celine and for good reason. The emerald green color is reminiscent of Irish mountains, making it exotic in a European way. The green color also complements Rosie’s beach blonde hair.

The star pairs her bag mostly with neutral colors – white skinny jeans perfect for summer, white or neutral tops and a camel colored jacket. One thing to watch for with this bag is to make sure you don’t wear clashing colors – like neons and brights. Eggplant or royal purple would be n interesting combo with this handbag.

Jessica Alba seems to have every trendy designer handbag out there. This is the Jimmy Choo Rosabel Leather Satchel in Large. The actress was seen toting it as a carry-on bag at London’s fabulous Heathrow airport, a hub for travelers and celebs alike. 

Once upon a time, Jimmy Choo was famous for shoes (thanks to Carrie and Sex and The City) but these days the brand’s handbags are also making a splash. Add to this one the knitted bag Blake Lively was seen carrying on the set of Gossip Girl. 

The Rosabel Leather Satchel is a carry-all bag that stays chic because it’s structured to withstand the added weight of accessories thrown inside. The built-for heavy-use aspect of the bag doesn’t stop it from keeping its feminine and soft use. Nude leather with light golden hardware makes it versatile to wear with just about any outfit – especially to add glamour to a casual travel outfit. 

Reese Witherspoon was recently spotted carrying this Hermes Garden Party tote in toile canvas as a medium sized carry on bag. Reese is known for her laid back, down to earth style and this handbag complements her casual looks. A Birkin would be a far too obvious style statement for this actress/soccer mom.

The clean cut, minimalist look of the bag downplays that it’s in fact an Hermes – letting Reese enjoy a well-crafted and high quality bag without creating an attention-grabbing look. If you want a subdued, elegant look, this is the bag to go for. It can be carried while traveling, to the beach, to kids’ games and while shopping – all without getting worn out and weighed down by extra snacks, blankets or magazines.

The Hollywood A lister is most notably known for her roles in Legally Blonde and Sweet Home Alabama. Her first husband was fellow actor and Hollywood hunk Ryan Phillip, whom she met just before the pair filmed Cruel Intentions together. The pair went through a public split after Ryan couldn’t control his wandering eye and Reese is now with Jim Toth.

Ahhh, there are so many valid reasons to be jealous of Miranda Kerr. The stunner got voted People Magazine’s Most Beautiful Woman this year. She’s married to the world’s most beautiful elf (of Lord of the Rings fame) Orlando Bloom and together they have the world’s cutest baby. Add to that her perfect figure, her Victoria’s Secret contract and her position as one among fashion royalty. But alas, you can’t steal her left. At the very least, you CAN steal the girl’s style!

This burgundy Louis Vuitton tote is part of the Sophia Coppola collection, making it a must-have for any fashionista who likes to collect novelty pieces. Sophia Coppola is fashion royalty in her own right. Her father is famed director Francis Ford Coppola, whom we can thank for the Godfather Trilogy.

Sophia herself has given us beautiful cinematic masterpieces such as Marie Antoinette, arguably one of the most aesthetically pleasing films of all time. The movie is an homage to fashion, beauty, art and pleasure. This bag is sure to become a collector’s item one day because it was inspired by one of fashion’s It girls, the same reason the Birkin is still so popular to this day (it was inspired by then it-girl Jane Birkin.)

Olivia Wilde is one of those celebrities who stay down to earth no matter how much fame and riches they accumulate. The serious stunner has wowed us on her red carpet arrivals many a times. Her style statements are usually sleek, minimal chic with elements of glamour here and there. The girl chooses to flash a sliver of skin here and there instead of putting all her assets on display and it works well for her and sets her apart as one class act.

No matter how drop dead gorgeous she becomes with her soft waves and striking signature red lipstick during Hollywood galas, she’s still a natural California girl when she’s not attending a PR event. Here she carries one of her favorite shoulder bags – a leather saddlebag from the Ralph Lauren Collection. The subtle handbag is not too flashy and yet chic enough for the celeb, who’s been seen toting it around town on numerous occasions and with several different outfit styles.


When Beyonce stepped out in this colorful ensemble, she simultaneously shocked and awed fans with how quickly she’s lost her baby weight. Mother to a beautiful baby girl, this pop diva has bounced back and is as gorgeous and fashion forward as ever. (Of course, it always helps to have all the world’s designers and stylists at your feet!)

Learn from the soulful crooner by daring to go bold with your color looks. Here Beyonce carries a demure black leather Alexander Wang purse and dons a Eugenia Kim hat. Opting for black accessories, including her round The Row sunglasses frees her up to go wild with prints and color. The fuscia Michael Kors top perfectly complements the fun print on her Etro floor length skirt.

Kim Totes Classic Black Birkin To Paris
Kim Kardashian looked ecstatic in a “I look good and I know it” way as she arrived in Paris for Fashion week. And look good she does, with her peeptoe booties, well fitted skinny jeans and sexy leather jacket. The aviators look super cool on the star and the gold necklace adds the exotic vibe Kim is known for.

There’s no denying that the fit and fab lady was dressed to kill. Most people just hop on the plane wearing a comfy hoodie and track pants, but there’s no such thing as casual for Kim.

For all we know, she changes into Juicy Couture sweats once on board and gets some ZZZs. She probably needs as much shut eye as she can get — she’s always jet setting between various cosmopolitan cities. The only place she wasn’t happy traveling to was Kris Humphries small Minnesota hometown!

Even when the famous reality star goes to the gym, she stuffs her personal work out equipment in a large black Hermes Birkin, a little bit like this Birkin she’s carrying. The difference is, this one’s being treated a little better and not being jam packed as if it’s a plain gym tote. Maybe it’s extra sheen gets it a little extra attention and TLC from the raven haired beauty?


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