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Kim Kardashian loves her Jimmy Choo's

Love her or hate her, there is no denying, this woman has style. That’s not to say that she has never been caught out, just as a lot of celebrities do from time to time!

Kim Kardashian was spotted leaving a standard grocery store, some say over dressed, the rest of us take our hats off to Kim’s eternal devotion to style. Although, the tiny Jimmy Choo Candy Clutch she was carrying, is great for most occasions may have looked a little out of place with all the plastic bags she was carrying!

Kim’s passion for fashion carries from day to night almost effortlessly, and her love for Jimmy Choo bags is shown by the amount of times she is photographed out with one on her arm. Lets face it she looks fantastic, and really rarely (if ever) fails to match up the perfect outfit for her figure with the perfect handbag.

This entrepreneur is such a fan that she is seen wearing shoes, sunglasses and the handbags by Jimmy Choo more than she is any other designer. Who can blame her?
She wears it well!

Kim Kardashian Jimmy Choo Bags

JLO's Oversized Gucci 1973 Handbag

No business woman with children wants to compromise on their style after giving birth. Managing families, businesses and lifestyle can make it all a bit tricky.

Jennifer Lopez is no different, she clearly loves fashion and her own style and she has been a real success in the fashion industry in her own right.

JLO was seen out and about on a number of occasions after having her children with the fabulous Gucci 1973 oversized hand bag.

This bag appears to be popular with many other Hollywood Mommy’s too, Celeb’s such as Madonna, Angelina and Heidi Klum followed Jennifer’s lead and have all been seen with their own Gucci 1973.

The practical size of the bag means that anything the kids need can be carried around, while allowing mom to look and feel as stylish as they like!

On a personal level, and away from the children, JLO is clearly a fan of the designs and has been seen with Gucci on her arm many times.

She regularly draws on style trends inspired by the 70’s that lend themselves well to the range being produced by current Gucci designers.

Whatever the occasion, Jennifer has a real knack for putting together outfits that work well for her, this ability also comes through in the bags, hats and other accessories she chooses. She may be a Diva, but as she continues to impress us with her design and fashion flare, we can’t help but forgive her!

JLO's Yummy Mommy Trick – The Oversized Gucci 1973 Handbag

To Whitney Houston A Rare Talent That Will Be Missed

Whitney Houston’s body has now been returned home to New Jersey while her close family are arranging the funeral, due to be held on Friday this week.

The body of the 48 year old mega star was discovered on Saturday by one of her employees, she was in the bathroom of the Beverly Hills hotel room where she had been booked to perform at the pre-Grammy Awards gala. Although it could take weeks for tests to determine the cause of the accident, authorities have indicated that there were no suspicious circumstances surrounding the singer’s death.

It’s a tragic end to the troubled stars life who had publicly battled with drug addiction for years. This addiction had overshadowed and undermined what was truly and incredible talent and career.

Miss Houston’s gospel voice easily crossed over to the pop charts through the 80?s and 90?s where her career peaked with one of the biggest selling records ever the cover version of “I Will Always Love You”

With all that surrounded her in the last few years of her life, it is easy to forget just how successful she really was. She is amount a very small group of female artists that can claim her level of success. She was the 1st African American woman to break through on MTV and at the time of her death, her total records sales hit 170 million.

Whitney’s struggle with addiction lead to spells in rehab in 2006 and again in 2011.

It is unclear if she managed to win her battle with illegal drugs. But what is clear is that her fans are determined to remember her for her talent and the songs that meant so much to them.

Whitney Elizabeth Houston a rare talent that will be missed, survived by her daughter, two siblings and her mother.

9 August 1963 – 11 February 2012

Nicki Minaj tames the crazy outfits with Louis Vuitton

Now, Nikki’s on stage style may baffle any normal person but she is certainly unique and you defiantly won’t miss her in a crowd!

There are times however when Nikki is photographed away from her fans and dressed relatively normally. Wherever she is, it appears that the designer handbag of her choice is Louis Vuitton.

This designer’s range of bags and purses are a hit with many celebrities, but Nikki Minaj can’t seem to be without one.

It also looks like she has a rather more demure sense of style when she is not officially working, which is quite nice to see.

While off the clock, Ms Minaj often prefers the plainer more classic designs, usually one colour or a really subtle pattern. This makes me see her in a different light.

With her fan base, the influence she could have on a handbag line of her own would be huge!

Nicki Minaj with Louis Vuitton Handbag

Beyonce Knowles is Getting it right with her Handbag Line

Beyoncé Knowles is the process expanding her already successful “The House of Deréon” & “Deréon” brands in to the the home textiles market. Proving that Beyoncé herself has a real eye for design and is certainly a major influence on the fashion world.

Beyoncé’s designs clearly reflect her own personal style and taste. Her ranges of bags and purses are already doing really well in stores and online, allowing the startlet’s already classic yet unique style to be available to those shopping on the high street.

They are ideal for who females that love bright and funky designs, however with a design for every occasion you will find more subtle and understated styles in the range.

The products in the line range from $48 to $99 and makes her sassy, girly and fun style accessible to us mortals!

Although she clearly loves her own fashion line, she has been snapped sporting a number of bags by other designers, Shanghai Tang Jade Hobo, BE&D by Ava Hobo & Jimmy Choo.

The queen of R&B has also been seen with more high end and sort after designers products such as thoses of Miu Miu & Mix Satchel.

Lets be honest, Beyoncé has donned some super shocking outfits in the past, but it is clear that she has most defiantly settled into her skin. And even now that she is a mum to be, she still manages to get it right

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