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Beyonce with her Hermes Bags!

Beyoncé was photographed with a beautiful It Bag, The Fabulous Hermes Kelly, the Stock Market’s most beloved and noble, perhaps second only to the Birkin!

Hermes bags are beautiful and unique, not only must you pay thousands of dollars them, but there are long waiting lists, the stars have a fast track but for us mere mortals, things change a lot!

Beyoncé obviously with a snap of the fingers can have all the Kelly and Birkin she wants and in any color she wants!

These stylish handbags were created by Hermes head Jean Louis Dumas and actress Jane Birkin.

The beautiful Singer/Actress Beyoncé was photographed in the street with a short dress and seductive black and white tartan and arms and wears a beautiful Hermes Kelly bag in brick red.

It is Reported that her Husband Jay-Z as Spent over $350,000 for Hermes Bags for his Gorgeous Bride! Beyoncé once said that Hermes was Over Priced and woud never carry one. Once you get an Hermes, it’s love at first sight! Especially for Beyoncé who has definitely had a change of heart!

Beyonce wears a beautiful Hermes Kelly bag in brick red

Louis Vuitton Mahina XL Sold Out Online! Oh no!!!

Many are shocked to see that is completely sold out of the Infamous Mahina XL bag in all 3 Colors too!

Black, Ivory and Gris Perle are not available for purchase at this time due to high demand of this Over-Sized Perforated Masterpiece!

The Mahina was named after “The Crescents and Phases of The Moon”. I can’t say I am too surprised, after all the Mahina XL is one Shining Star at $4,200.00 Plus Tax if you can get your hands on it!

Madonna shown here is a Die Hard Fan and carries her Mahina XL everywhere as does Cameron Diaz, Rihanna and Claudia Schiffer!

Rihanna With Louis Vuitton Mahina XL

Kourtney Kardashian With Her Celine Luggage Tote!

Seasons come and seasons go, but in the fashion world, Celine is still the must-have bag for people who are interested in a bag’s must-haveness and Kourtney Kardashian is no exception and always steals the spotlight especially with this very hard to find Celine Luggage Tote!

She carries it in Black and Black with Leopard Detail Design on Front shown in these photos. The brand only has one US boutique at the moment (although it’s opening a New York City location in the coming months) and the bags are distributed through ultra-prestigious retailers in extremely small numbers.

Pre-season pictures of Celine’s designs are almost as difficult to find as the bags themselves. Which is why this is a true Legend to own!

If you cannot afford the alarming price tag on this Tote, Visit and get both of Kourtney’s Inspired Totes for only $79.00 Each made of Solid Luxurious Leather! The Inspired Version is called The London Tote!


Baginc London Leather Tote Black And Leopard

A-List Celebs with the Alexander Wang Rocco Duffel Bag

This gorgeous Eye Popping Alexander Wang “Rocco” Bag was first seen spotted on none other than the Self Proclaimed Handbag Queen Mary-Kate Olson back in 2009 and all of Hollywood didn’t have a clue as to who the designer of this lush Pebbled Leather Duffle with 5 Huge Golden Brass Rows of Spike Studs covering the complete bottom of the handbag until it was finally revealed that the Designer was Alexander Wang.

Everyone from Top A-list Celebs such as Kate Bosworth, Hillary Duff, Ashley Tisdale, Rihanna, Nicky Hilton and Vanessa Minillo just to name a few as well as handbag lovers worldwide were on a Huge waiting list for this Classic and Iconic yet Edgy Duffel style Bag that still seems to be the latest handbag obsession!

It has been seen on numerous Red Carpet Events and is the perfect size bag for everyday.

This Bag gives even the simplest outfit a bit of an edge with its gold studding detail.


A-List Celebs Hitting the Streets with the Alexander Wang Bag

No wonder the bag is still hot in Production 3 years and going strong! Retailing at 875.00 at is a definite must have and the price isn’t so bad considering it would still be a Top seller if it Retailed for much more in my opinion!

It comes in several colors and two sizes! If the 875.00 Price Tag will Break the Bank You can also get this exact Inspired beauty from for only 149.00 and solid Pebbled Leather too!

Amy Adams With Large Gucci Soho Shoulder Bag

Amy Adams who had Roles in the movies Enchanted (2007) Suburban (2008) is Spotted carrying the new “Soho” Shoulder Bag from Gucci’s 2012 Cruise Collection while arriving at the Vancouver Airport last month.

She is spotted carrying the version in Ivory Pebbled Leather.

This is one hot bag for the Fashionista on the go! It will fit all of your needs and is a versatile bag that features a Trapazoid shape while closed with its interlocking closure and once unopened it can also transform into a Huge Rectangular Tote!

Features a Double Stitched Large GG 3D Logo on front and a long Pebbled Leather Tassle dangling off of the shoulder strap in front for the perfect amount of flair.

Also includes 5 light gold hardware feet at bottom for extra protection not to mention the thick luscious light gold hardware on the straps and at the top of the Tassle.

This bag has it all! Style, Fashion and Beauty! If you are a die hard Gucci Lover do not miss out on this piece of Arm Candy! Available at Gucci Boutiques Worldwide and for $2,090.00

This collection comes in Ivory, Black, Purple, Red and Solid Python for (4,500)

Gucci Soho Shoulder Bag 2012 Cruise Collection

Lady Gaga's $50,000 Customized Spiked Out 35 CM Hermes Birkin Bag

It is no secret that Lady Gaga’s Fashion is a little bit of a controversy these days! You either hate it or love it! She is seen here showing off just one of new Iconic Fashion Statement Pieces!

The Hermes 35CM Birkin Bag that she had customized just for her and her eccentric taste in fashion. Adorned with large Silver Palladium Spikes all over this once Classic Style Tote originally designed for Princess Grace Kelly.

I give it 2 Thumbs up personally because it is a piece of art.

From the way she’s holding it, she might be a little scared of it as well. I’m just saying. None the less, the bag is certainly a shop stopper and deserves a fash-ON nod.

If you want the look of a $50,000.00 Spiked out Birkin you must go to where you can get the Inspired version for 169.50 which is a steal of a deal! The inspired version is a show stopper and made of 100% Solid Cowhide leather!

You will not be disappointed ladies! Guaranteed!

H World Cowhide Leather Studded Bag Black

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