Chloe Marcie Crossbody

Hilary Duff married a fabulously wealthy rich man years ago. Now that she’s the wife of a billionaire and the mother of his child, it’s become her full time job to be seen shopping for designer clothes while wearing designer clothes. As long as she’s a walking fashion icon, we’re happy because that way she’s like a Trend 101 class for the rest of us. 

Because of the past fashion week, Chloe seems to have picked up steam towards its position as a classic handbag choice. On its way to becoming iconic, it’s become even more trendy, if that makes sense. The design house rolled out the Chloe Paddington bag to celebrate its 60th anniversary and while they were at it, they also made some of the most beautiful bags seen on the runways of Paris fashion week. So now we’re seen a flurry of celebs carrying their older Chloe bags out in public. This is the Marcie Cross-Body Bag in a whimsically titled Nut color. 

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Hilary Duff, Handbag Connesseiur, Carries Chloe