It was not a million years ago that the backpack was only acceptable to be worn if either you were A) a school kid or B) a rambler /hiker, but add a designer brand and fancy it up a little and the humble backpack is now in the midst of the high end luxury items. The bag of choice for those requiring storage for their thermos has transformed much like a caterpillar as it metamorphisms into something much more beautiful and it is Louis Vuitton fashion house that has worked it’s magic.

And speaking of beautiful creatures, the gorgeous Kylie Jenner, of the famed Kardashian clan, is one of the fans of the new Louis Vuitton Monogram Canvas Palm Springs Backpack PM. This is great news for the brand who currently tread a fine line of satisfying high end clients with leather goods and those that are fans of lesser priced the monogram canvas. With Kylie Jenner firmly on board the LV Palm Springs backpack wagon the brand are surely hoping that a new younger crowd, the fans of Kylie, will be drawn to the brand. It’s exactly what Louis Vuitton need, a gorgeous, high profile young woman to bring new customers to their expensive boutique doors.

Hand on heart we can say that Louis Vuitton does produce some amazing purses and bags, especially the leather collections, but it’s been muttered, albeit quietly, for several months now that  the monogram canvas collections have become somewhat boring…….with of course the exceptions of the special editions. The classic brown and tan colours with the LV logo are getting boring and that’s why the Louis Vuitton Palm Springs Backpack PM is such a breath of fresh air. At first glance you may not realise why this bag looks so different from the usual monogram canvas collections but on closer inspection you can see that the classic tan trim is no more. The padded black leather straps give the bag a young sporty modern feel, yet the leather adds a touch of luxury and that combination is hot right now! The simple out line and fact that this is not a fussy bag keep this bag fresh. All together this adds up to a bag that will prove popular with diehard fans of the monogram canvas yet also to a new younger consumers looking for something fresh and new and ultimately incredibly fashionable.

This superb new piece of the Louis Vuitton Monogram canvas collection retails at $1650 at your local LV store


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Louis Vuitton Palm Springs Backpack PM is a Kylie Jenner favourite