Proenza Schouler Yellow Python PS11

You would never guess just by looking at her, but Kate Beckinsale’s had a ton of plastic surgery. Whoever she went to is an amazing doctor because the before and after photos are a perfect example of a job well done. It’s clear that the actress is quite a perfectionist when it comes to image because we never see her looking anything less than immaculate.

Here she’s carrying the Proenza Schouler Yellow Python PS112, which she’s spotted out and about with numerous times. The bag really works for her because when it comes to outfits, she likes muted colors. Whites, grays, blacks and a little bit of navy thrown in. By adding the bright pop of color the bag adds, her look has a sudden infusion of youthful energy.

 Proenza Schouler Yellow Python PS112

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Kate Beckinsale in L.A. With Proenza Schouler Yellow Python PS112