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It’s hard to believe that Lauren Conrad has a song named after her by a Swedish DJ called Adrian Lux, but it’s true. Even though this former party girl is now totally domestic and into designing glassware and home-decorating, her name inspired a hit tune. Actually, that’s not true. Adrian Lux randomly chose her name as a “temporary title” and then it just stuck. That makes more sense, considering how she’s more pastel than electronic. If she were the kind of girl to be in neon, black or daring clothes, it would make more sense. Her style is beautiful, just not the most trendy. Her Balenciaga bag comes from a line of edgy bags, but the color she chose goes with her traditional, classic look. 

Selma Hayek carries the classic Balenciaga City bag at LAX

Selma Hayek doesn’t show up in movies anymore. Her last appearance was with Blake Lively in Savages. Her accent sounds delicious. Every word she utters has the audience hanging to hear more of her melodious voice. Unfortunately, since her husband is one of Europe’s most wealthy men, she is more busy living the good life instead of trying to chase it in L.A.

Even though she’s impeccably dressed n well-fitted dark denim, nautical stripes and a fabulously rich navy blazer, it’s nice to see she hasn’t let her newfound wealth go to her head. Her husband owns dozens of brand names. She could be holding a $40,000 bag every time she’s spotted out but she still looks relatively down to earth with her classic Balenciaga City bag.

Kim Kardashian

Back in her curvy and bodacious days, Kim wouldn’t be seen in anything but a Herve Leger wrap dress. When she began to gain a little weight, she shifted towards yoga pants and flowing maxi dresses. These days she’s all over the place but it seems on this day, she decided to go head to toe black for a slimmer figure. The bag she’s carrying is actually the Balenciaga Baby Daim bag. It looks like the motorcycle bag has a twin in black suede. It’s super cute and we wish we had one just like it. As you can imagine, it goes with just about every possible outfit. 

Kim K & Her Balenciaga Suede City bag

Kim Kardashian doesn’t always hit the right notes with her outfits, but we just adore this particular one. For once she is covered up, excluding the fact that she’s practically spilling out of her shirt, and she has kept it simple. This ensemble is perfect for travelling, which is what this Kardashian was doing when she was spotted at the airport. We’d choose comfy shoes over heels, but we don’t think we’ve ever seen Kim K without her stilettos.

However, we cannot take our eyes off of Kim Kardashian’s gorgeous bag. This Balenciaga bag, made out of the best quality suede, retails for approximately $1,500. The bag is big in size, and style, so it is fashionable and functional. It is perfect for day to day tasks, running errands, and traveling.

Alanis Morissette and her Bright Green Balenciaga

It is no doubt Alanis Morissette is a free spirit aka, hippie. Her songs are full of female empowerment, love and life. She’s never been one to focus on what’s hot or trendy. Her locks are usually natural and let loose. You’ll usually catch her in jeans and a tank top, or a free flowing dress, shades and bold jewellery. But, somehow, Morissette always surprises us with her amazing bag collection. We have spotted her numerous times with the most coveted bags of all time. Just the other day she graced the streets of New York clutching her bright green Balenciaga close to her.

The bag she is carrying, Balenciaga Papier tote, which is made completely out of the best quality calf skin leather. This bag has been spotted on the arms of Charlize Theron, the gossip girl cast, and Salma Hayek. The bag is said to be the size of an A-4 paper. It’s perfect for going out during the day, running errands, and traveling because of its large size and durability. This bag comes in a variety of different colors, muted and bright to choose from.

janet Jackson Balenciaga Bag

There are few siblings in the world that are more famous than the Jackson Five. Known as Michael Jackson’s little sister and a member of that world-wide famous singing group back in the day, Janet’s done okay for herself. While her taste for music has died down, her love of luxury goods seems to be increasing as she spends a lot of time with her fiance and managing director of a luxury merchandiser in the Middle East. 

The bag she’s carrying is the limited edition Balenciaga part-time croc bag. It will set you back 7,500 Euros, which means it costs even more than in dollars. As everyone knows croc isn’t just referring to the look of the bag – it’s actually made from crocodile skin. Imagine how expensive it is to find a place to breed and skin crocodiles! While some people find this inhuman, others chalk it up to sacrifices in the name of beauty and happily fork over the cash to have an elitist piece like this for their own. If you don’t like the idea, you can always find a faux croc bag. As long as you walk with enough confidence, no one has to know the difference.

Nicole Ritchie

Nicole Ritchie was spotted out and about in Los Angeles in head to toe designer duds. A decade after her reality show with Paris Hilton, we’re all still painfully aware this city girl does not like living “The Simple Life.” Her hot yellow motorcycle jacket is Balenciaga, her sunglasses are Celine and her her shoes are Nike. And that’s just the stuff we recognize. No doubt her yoga pants are some trendy new label regular earthlings aren’t even aware of yet.

The bag she’s carrying is also Balenciaga – the Balenciaga City bag. The one good thing about seeing her carrying it is the fact that she’s been spotted with it so many times over the years. Just goes to show that when a bag is a classic like this one, it doesn’t matter how many seasons have passed – it’s just as trendy as ever and there’s no shame is wearing it til it’s all worn out!

Sofia Vergara's Balenciaga Bordeaux Holiday Hamilton City Bag

Sofia Vergara was seen leaving salon in Los Angreles wearing an electric blue top teamed with black leggings and black leather tall boots.

The “Modern Family” beauty also carried a stunning Holiday Hamilton City bag in Bordeaux with Gold Giant Hardware.

In related news, Miss Vergara is featured in a brand new ad for Diet Pepsi which will premiere this Sunday, January 15 during the Golden Globe Awards.

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Salma Hayek in Venice with Balenciaga

Salma Hayek was recently spotted arriving at Venice Marco Polo Airport with her daughter Valentina Paloma Pinault and her husband Francois-Henri Pinault for the Venice Film Festival.

Salma looked fabulous in a Balenciaga Pre-Fall printed dress and mustard colored crocodile bag also by Balenciaga.


Salma Hayek in Venice with Balenciaga
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Isabeli Fontana with her Balenciaga Multicolor City Handbag

Brazilian model Isabeli Fontana with her Balenciaga Multicolor City Handbag

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