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At the Dior beauty party Bella carried a classic black Dior Diorama (we just can’t get enough of the chain link shoulder strap) she also made sure her Dior branded bra straps were on show.


Dakota Fanning has been a girl who we have watched grow up in the spotlight. She has gone from cute kid to elegant young Lady and no matter what she has had the acting chops. Beyond that she has certainly come into her own with the fashion sense. You can always count on Dakota to come out in a well fashioned outfit and she knows how to accessorize as well. In Paris fashion week she showed her love of Dior by stepping out with the Christian Dior Evening Minaudiere and you have to admire her outfit from head to toe.

Dior Bag
In case you missed it, Olivia Palermo tied the knot with her male model boyfriend. This is just one example of how picture perfect this couple is. Although Olivia isn’t a model herself (she is famously petite), she could totally have gone for it if she’s been a little taller. Her face is gorgeous and her style is impeccable. There’s never been a day where Olivia wore something unattractive that made her fans go “Why?!” or “What IS she wearing?” She opts for classic pieces like this coat but mixes it up to keep it from being boring. For example, her coat has short sleeves and a sheer blouse is showing on her arms and around her neckline, adding a hint of romance. Her pants keep it from being dull and the embroidered flats are just another artistic touch to the whole look. Of course, you can’t forget the bag – a soft, dusty pink Christian Dior bag.

Roger Vivier Boite de Nuit Clutch

We, like the rest of the world, love Jennifer Lawrence. She’s quirky, funny, and totally uninhibited. Mostly known for The Hunger Games, Miss Jennifer Lawrence just won her first Oscar for her acting in Silver Linings Playbook alongside the gorgeous Bradley Cooper. Lawrence always wears fashion forward clothing, while keeping it classy and casual.

Recently Jennifer Lawrence was named the face of Dior. So now she usually wears Dior gowns at red carpet events. We’re not too thrilled since most of her dresses look the same now. In fact, didn’t see wear one just like this a few weeks ago in red? Anyhow, her Roger Vivier Boite de Nuit clutch is simply fabulous. It is a completely shiny silver clutch that goes perfectly with her Dior gown.

Christian Dior horn handle clutch

We love Natalie Portman. We have since Star Wars all those years ago. Perhaps its because of her amazing acting. Or maybe its just because of her youthful smile. Whatever the reason, Natalie Portman never disappoints with her style. She is usually pretty down to earth and casual while out and about on the town. At red carpet events, however, she has a very poised, clean cut, girly look.

If you watched the Oscars, you had to follow up to the Vanity Fair party! Pictured above is Natalie Portman in a gorgeous white floor length gown, Christian Louboutin pumps, and carrying a gorgeous Christian Dior horn handle clutch. Can we just say that we love how Natalie paired her white dress with white pumps that had a red sole? How very chic of her. But what we really adore about her outfit is her very unique bag. Portman’s bag has a horn handle instead of no handle or a loop as a normal clutch. It makes the whole look totally runway worthy!

Olivia Palermo & Miss Dior Sapphire Blue Suede Clutch

Spotted with gorgeous boyfriend in tow at the Django Unchained premiere, Oliva Palermo reminded the world why she’s become such an instantly recognizable fashion icon. In addition to her lithe, petite as can be frame and Audrey Hepburn-like face, the girl pulls off glamorous looks without looking like she’s trying too hard. That’s a very fine balance when you’re also trying on adventurous coats like this one. 

The clutch in question is from the Miss Dior fall 2012 collection and it isn’t the first time Olivia has been spotted at a formal event with it. It has the quilted classic Dior look on bottom and a festive crystal embellishment on top. The clasp has a small but noticeable Dior logo. This is the perfect bag for an event like this. While it’s also available in black, the blue velvet look is far more striking. 


Oliva Palermo And Boyfriend

Sofia Vergara

Sofia Vergara was spotted shopping in LA carrying this gorgeous Dior Granville Polochon bag. Made of smooth leather, the bag has a large cannage pattern. This particular version has deerskin leather. It has the classic Dior handles on top with a duffle base. The Dior keychain makes it mark on the bag as a finishing touch.

Sofia stars on the hit series Modern Family and was voted Most Desirable Woman of The Year even though she’s over 40, the only one at that age and yet she still came out out on top. This talented lady has won over the heart of America with her entertaining skills and her mesmerizing curves and glam red carpet outfits. She also came out on top monetarily – she was the highest earning American actresses on TV last year. Onwards and upwards for this one!


Ever notice how the celebs who have no talent, music or movies to show the world are always spotted dressed to the nines even if they’re just out grocery shopping? With a string of blockbuster hits and critically acclaimed films, Mila Kunis has no need to constantly remind the world how hot she is. (We don’t tend to forget either, with the series of hot magazine covers the beauty has been featured on.)

It’s also no surprise that the movie maven is too busy to spend all her time shopping and instead carries the brand she’s an ambassador for. If you haven’t seen her gorgeous Dior campaign yet, here’s a pic below. Here she carries the Dior Soft Tote Bag. The bag has a Cannage pattern unique to Dior.

It’s like similar to a quilted surface and gives off a 50’s 60’s housewife aura with a modern twist in the form of the chain strap detail. The leather shoulder pad softens the weight of the tote (because if you’re shelling out for a luxury item, it should be comfortable to carry as well as easy on the eyes.) As long as this beauty’s on Mila’s shoulders, we’re not going to mistake her for just another L.A. girl. 

Jennifer Lawrence is Hollywood’s new Kristen Stewart. Many women and girls are still obsessed with Twilight but there are just as many girls out there who love a fiercer, stronger heroine. Jennifer is also more adaptable than Kristen. Aside from action flicks for girls, she’s also done horror, drama, romance and comedy. She’s a flexible actress who’s very talented for her age and she’s also friendlier and more enthusiastic about her career in interviews. 

It’s no surprise that when she steps out, you don’t see any sourpuss frowns on her face. She also doesn’t look like she’s been forced to wear fancy clothes at gunpoint, like Stewart often does. Here Jennifer is dressed head to toe in a major fashion brand, Dior.  

The two handbags she’s carrying are both Dior, called the Miss Dior Flap Bag. Both are the same style but in different colors and hardware. The bag comes in small and medium sizes (no jumbo as with the Chanel chain bag) and with short and long chains.  The hardware is usually silver but gold has also been spotted on variations of the bag. Think Jennifer did well pairing these bags with her outfits?

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