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Celebrities favorite Hermes Birkin Bags

Did you know that to claim celebrity status there are several things you must do and several initiation tasks you must complete in order to be credible as A list celeb? One of those tasks is to pass the Hermes gate keeper and bag yourself a Birkin!

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For most of us the dream of owning a genuine, authentic Hermes Birkin bag is really just that, a dream. Some of us maybe lucky enough to gain a the coveted Hermes Birkin from a preloved bag site

These Celebs Know How to Rock a Handbag

Handbags are not just accessories; they are a statement piece, and they are something that so many celebs use as a status item. Whether it is a Birkin bag on Ashley Olsen’s arm or a Marc Jacobs Picnic Tote that is in Miley Cyrus’ collection, we’ve got the list of all of the celebs sporting some of the hottest purses out there.


When thinking of Hermes Birkin, you would rather picture yourself in a more classic or business outfit. Eventually, with a pair of jeans providing that your outfit would remain classic.


It is no surprise to those who know her that Naya Rivera loves vintage Hermès and Chanel, and when you see her out and about you almost always see her with one of those two kinds of bags.


Patti LaBelle is a Diva in the first degree and one of the best songstresses we have ever known. So it is not hard to believe that when she steps out she knows how to dress it up or dress it down. Very recently she was seen leaving the Dancing with the Stars rehearsals with a beautiful black Hermès Birkin. Whether you like her dance moves or not coming up on the season you can’t fault her fashion sense.

If there’s anyone who can find something gorgeous yet simple to wear when it’s over 90 degrees and insanely humid in New York, it’s Miranda Kerr. She’s on the fast track to becoming one of the most successful models on the planet, right after Gisele Bundchen, who makes over $128,000 a DAY. Being born with good genes is called winning the genetic lottery maybe because it IS like winning the lottery. That’s how these fancy ladies afford expensive bags like this Hermes Birkin, which STARTS at $10,000 and requires months of being on a waiting list before you can fork out the cash. Talk about being blessed (fashion-wise, at least!)

Khloe Kardashian isn’t quite the trendsetter most days. She usually follows the lead of Kardashian matriarch Kris Jenner and that of her sisters. Everyone knows that Kim and mom Kris are absolutely OBSESSED with the elite Birkin bag by Hermes, so naturally, here Khloe is carrying one. 

She knows how to carry the bag well, that’s for sure. Khloe keeps her shoes stylish but neutral and her outfit pieces mostly black. That way, the bag gets the attention it deserves and draws eyes towards itself – even though it doesn’t need the extra help.

No girl who knows a thing about fashion is clueless when it comes to the Birkin. This It Bag remains cool even as seasons come and go. Other It bags come into style for a few months or up to a year. The Birkin has been around for decades and although its popularity ebbs and flows, it will always remain on top of every fashionable lady’s list of must haves. Victoria Beckham, who can boast a collection of a 100 Birkins has been seen toting this red hot Birkin as well. 

Reese Witherspoon was recently spotted carrying this Hermes Garden Party tote in toile canvas as a medium sized carry on bag. Reese is known for her laid back, down to earth style and this handbag complements her casual looks. A Birkin would be a far too obvious style statement for this actress/soccer mom.

The clean cut, minimalist look of the bag downplays that it’s in fact an Hermes – letting Reese enjoy a well-crafted and high quality bag without creating an attention-grabbing look. If you want a subdued, elegant look, this is the bag to go for. It can be carried while traveling, to the beach, to kids’ games and while shopping – all without getting worn out and weighed down by extra snacks, blankets or magazines.

The Hollywood A lister is most notably known for her roles in Legally Blonde and Sweet Home Alabama. Her first husband was fellow actor and Hollywood hunk Ryan Phillip, whom she met just before the pair filmed Cruel Intentions together. The pair went through a public split after Ryan couldn’t control his wandering eye and Reese is now with Jim Toth.

Kim Totes Classic Black Birkin To Paris
Kim Kardashian looked ecstatic in a “I look good and I know it” way as she arrived in Paris for Fashion week. And look good she does, with her peeptoe booties, well fitted skinny jeans and sexy leather jacket. The aviators look super cool on the star and the gold necklace adds the exotic vibe Kim is known for.

There’s no denying that the fit and fab lady was dressed to kill. Most people just hop on the plane wearing a comfy hoodie and track pants, but there’s no such thing as casual for Kim.

For all we know, she changes into Juicy Couture sweats once on board and gets some ZZZs. She probably needs as much shut eye as she can get — she’s always jet setting between various cosmopolitan cities. The only place she wasn’t happy traveling to was Kris Humphries small Minnesota hometown!

Even when the famous reality star goes to the gym, she stuffs her personal work out equipment in a large black Hermes Birkin, a little bit like this Birkin she’s carrying. The difference is, this one’s being treated a little better and not being jam packed as if it’s a plain gym tote. Maybe it’s extra sheen gets it a little extra attention and TLC from the raven haired beauty?


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