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There’s something about Karlie Kloss’s new Louis Vuitton Soft Lockit bag that makes her look like a Barbie. It may be her supermodel slender legs or it could be the fact that it looks exactly like the kind of bag Barbie would have had – right down to the shape and perfectly bubble gum color. The difference is this is by the iconic French brand Louis Vuitton and it’s exterior texture is soft, luxurious leather. Her look varied a little bit throughout the day, from when she stepped out in casual clothing to when she dressed it up with an updo and a trenchcoat. Either way, she looked tres chic because of her gorgeous bag. The color is different from the darker hues we’re used to seeing from LV. It’s a nice change. 

Louis Vuitton Speedy Empreinte bag

Miranda Kerr was spotted with baby Flynn in tow and a Louis Vuitton Speedy Empriente bag on the other arm. Hmmm…we’re really starting to wonder why we haven’t seen husband/actor Orlando Bloom for a while. Wherever he is, his wife has been garnering a lot of attention as Victoria Secret’s top model these last couple of years. 

One of the reasons she’s so well known and liked now is because of her endlessly flawless street style. She has just the right number of bags without looking too trendy and knows how to match them with her outfits so they enhance the overall theme of her looks, like the time she paired Prada’s new bag with a fitted shift dress and took on the look of a Modern Men trophy wife. This particular bag is extremely luxurious with it’s soft leather and monogrammed Louis Vuitton outside. The brass hardware and long shoulder strap make it casually glamorous.

Reese Witherspoon

Reese Witherspoon is one of Hollywood’s A list actresses for a long time now. Everyone knows her from Legally Blonde and Sweet Home Alabama. One could even go as far as to say she’s the millennial generation’s answer to Meg Ryan when it comes to rom-coms. Her down to earth style means she’s usually dressed casually whenever she’s seen out and about. 

Here she’s wearing a very simple outfit to her son’s soccer game. What makes her stand apart from all the other moms on the field (besides her fame) is her LV bag. Known as the Louis Vuitton Neverfull GM Bag, it has personalized Mon Monogram detail.  That means only she has this exact bag in the whole world! She personalized it with a blue and red striped pattern and added her initials Laura Reese Witherspoon (LRW).


Kirsten Dunst  Louis Vuitton Leopard

Kirsten Dunst has never been one to follow the crowd in terms of fashion yet she almost always manages to look cool. Maybe it’s because we know how talented she is as an actress that allows her to get away with completely doing her own thing. Here she’s seen wearing a long skirt as a throwback to the 90’s, a navy peacoat and the Louis Vuitton Leopard Speedy bag. 

She’s director Sofia Coppola’s favorite actress and Coppola’s favorite brand is LV. She’s even helped design an entire season for the fashion house. That may be a reason why Kirsten is so often spotted in LV on and off the red carpet. This particular bag’s large leopard spots add a little fun to her otherwise drab outfit. The leopard print is signature “Stephen Sprouse” on canvas. The black leather and silver hardware are the finishing trimmings. It comes in a larger as well as a smaller size. 



Diane Kruger are quietly one of Hollywood’s best looking and longest lasting couples. They’re spotted everywhere together and yet we never hear of any inside drama. Diane is a former model (hence the impeccable figure) and the never-ending list of designer gowns, clothes, bags and accessories. Perhaps that’s why this Hollywood A Lister is spotted in the biggest names in fashion – as her former model status lends her the connections that give out free goodies. Her rising star and beautiful look makes designers happy to see her wearing their stuff. The same can’t be said for everyone just because they can afford it (See Snookie or other reality show stars as examples.)

On a casual outing, Diane was spotted carrying this Louis Vuitton purse. More of a shoulder bag, the LV Speedy Empeinte bag in Infini is simple yet refined elegance all at once. The monogrammed LVs are not like the flashy colored LV we used to see on a white background. They subtly melt into the background yet they’re still there, declaring allegiance to a highly renowned French brand anyone would be happy to carry. The gold buckles are the icing on cake, or the creme in the macaroon, as this is a French designer. 

This bag has been spotted in Infini Blue, Aurore Red, Aube Purple and Ombre Grey. We especially dig this Aube Purple (or plum) colored version. 


 Lady Gaga’s Louis Vuitton ‘North South’ Sunshine Express bag is making us drool with envy. When was the last time you saw a Louis bag that looked this spectacularly flashy and glamorous at the same time? The star often makes some questionable fashion choices with meat dresses, arriving in eggs and forgetting to wear pants. But this bag is so glam that it makes you not even realize she’s wearing a simple oversized T-shirt. She looks like someone worthy of being at Paris fashion week because that’s what this bag is – pure Parisian class. 

Available in burgundy, purple and yellow, the bag is adorned with sequins that spell out the LV monogram – don’t worry, the LVs are all still there and as cute as ever, only much shinier. It has a matching leather lining for a luxe look even as you’re fishing through it for lost lipstick. 


Ahhh, there are so many valid reasons to be jealous of Miranda Kerr. The stunner got voted People Magazine’s Most Beautiful Woman this year. She’s married to the world’s most beautiful elf (of Lord of the Rings fame) Orlando Bloom and together they have the world’s cutest baby. Add to that her perfect figure, her Victoria’s Secret contract and her position as one among fashion royalty. But alas, you can’t steal her left. At the very least, you CAN steal the girl’s style!

This burgundy Louis Vuitton tote is part of the Sophia Coppola collection, making it a must-have for any fashionista who likes to collect novelty pieces. Sophia Coppola is fashion royalty in her own right. Her father is famed director Francis Ford Coppola, whom we can thank for the Godfather Trilogy.

Sophia herself has given us beautiful cinematic masterpieces such as Marie Antoinette, arguably one of the most aesthetically pleasing films of all time. The movie is an homage to fashion, beauty, art and pleasure. This bag is sure to become a collector’s item one day because it was inspired by one of fashion’s It girls, the same reason the Birkin is still so popular to this day (it was inspired by then it-girl Jane Birkin.)

Nicki Minaj tames the crazy outfits with Louis Vuitton

Now, Nikki’s on stage style may baffle any normal person but she is certainly unique and you defiantly won’t miss her in a crowd!

There are times however when Nikki is photographed away from her fans and dressed relatively normally. Wherever she is, it appears that the designer handbag of her choice is Louis Vuitton.

This designer’s range of bags and purses are a hit with many celebrities, but Nikki Minaj can’t seem to be without one.

It also looks like she has a rather more demure sense of style when she is not officially working, which is quite nice to see.

While off the clock, Ms Minaj often prefers the plainer more classic designs, usually one colour or a really subtle pattern. This makes me see her in a different light.

With her fan base, the influence she could have on a handbag line of her own would be huge!

Nicki Minaj with Louis Vuitton Handbag

Louis Vuitton Mahina XL Sold Out Online! Oh no!!!

Many are shocked to see that is completely sold out of the Infamous Mahina XL bag in all 3 Colors too!

Black, Ivory and Gris Perle are not available for purchase at this time due to high demand of this Over-Sized Perforated Masterpiece!

The Mahina was named after “The Crescents and Phases of The Moon”. I can’t say I am too surprised, after all the Mahina XL is one Shining Star at $4,200.00 Plus Tax if you can get your hands on it!

Madonna shown here is a Die Hard Fan and carries her Mahina XL everywhere as does Cameron Diaz, Rihanna and Claudia Schiffer!

Rihanna With Louis Vuitton Mahina XL

What a Christmas it must be for Warner Bros. execs as fashion giant, Louis Vuitton slapped them with a lawsuit due to the use of counterfeited luggage in their box-office movie: “Hangover 2?.

LV is suing Warner Bros for not having permission to use its precious and valuable trademark and is asking the court to grant an order to destroy all copies of the Hangover II and promotional materials that contain the airport scene with the fake bag. Louis Vuitton also wants profits from the film and triple damages.

It’s possible, of course, that the lawsuit is simply a publicity stunt to draw attention to piracy. If so, it’s working.

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