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Proenza Schouler Yellow Python PS11

You would never guess just by looking at her, but Kate Beckinsale’s had a ton of plastic surgery. Whoever she went to is an amazing doctor because the before and after photos are a perfect example of a job well done. It’s clear that the actress is quite a perfectionist when it comes to image because we never see her looking anything less than immaculate.

Here she’s carrying the Proenza Schouler Yellow Python PS112, which she’s spotted out and about with numerous times. The bag really works for her because when it comes to outfits, she likes muted colors. Whites, grays, blacks and a little bit of navy thrown in. By adding the bright pop of color the bag adds, her look has a sudden infusion of youthful energy.

 Proenza Schouler Yellow Python PS112

Proenza Schouler PS13 tote bag
Steal your eyes away from Kate Bosworth’s fascinatingly skinny legs for a minute and take a look at her stylish bag. Although Kate’s an actress, she’s quite deeply invested in the fashion world as well so you know when she picked the Proenza Schouler PS13 satchel, she knew what she was doing. 

Isn’t it super strange that her ex-fiance Orlando Bloom is now dating fashion darling Miranda Kerr?  The strange part is that although Miranda is the model, Kate is the one who is much thinner. Eating disorders loom around the beautiful star but all we know is we love her style. 

blue Proenza Schouler PS13 Bag

Dakota Fanning has been one the hardest working child actresses of the past decade. In this decade, she’s emerging into a stylish young lady of style and substance. Her natural talent for picking beautiful ensembles is showcased with this outfit. Leather pants, black boots, blue coat, blue scarf and blue bag 

The three different shades of blue are a pretty neat idea. The bag she used to complete the look is the Proenza Schouler PS13 Bag. We’re clearly moving on from the PS11 and PS12 now that the newer version is available and starting to appear on the high street. It has a new, fresh shape but is available in many of the same beloved bright colors. Something about this bag is so New York girl.

Kourtney Kardashian

Kourtney Kardashian is in between filming for her family’s multiple reality shows. These days the sisters are splitting their time between Miami and Los Angeles. To maintain their high profile and stay in the headlines to keep up show ratings, each of the family members are often spotted decked out in designer regalia from head to toe. Or maybe they just dress this way because they like it, not as a chore. Who knows?

The main attraction in this look is the wild fur coat but since our love is deep for bags, that’s what we’re going to zone in on. This is the Proenza Schouler Pochette bag in camel. The beige color goes really well with her outfit and her coat, but a yellow version of the bag is more lively. The problem with bright statement colors are difficult to accessorize unless you pay attention to every detail of the outfit. 

Jessica Chastain

Jessica Chastain appeared out of nowhere in Hollywood a few years ago. Her first big year, she had seven major films out. This miraculous success story won her a place on every red carpet and a Golden Globe nomination. Her beauty, impeccable fashion sense and talent means she’ll be around for a while. So get used to seeing her! 

By now, paparazzi have  become aware of her star status and have begun providing us with photos of her street style. It appears that Jess is a fan of Proenza Schouler. Seen with the newest PS13 bag, the actress looked great. The blue bag hightlights her fiery red hair. The large carry all has a bigger strap than ever before, something which makes it more comfortable on the shoulder. This particular color is labeled The Peacock Blue.

84th Annual Academy Awards - Arrivals


Minka Kelly is one of those Hollywood girls who are naturally so beautiful that they don’t go over the top with all the latest fashions just to stay relevant in gossip rags. Her handbag choice for this day out in sunny L.A. is the classic Proenza Schouler PS1 Satchel in citrusy leather.

Ever seen an orange that is so fresh that when you rip off the skin, it glows with citrus oil? This bag has that fresh pop of orange citrus color with a healthy sheen. Made to last, this iconic and all at once recognizable satchel is made with leather which is dyed with organic leather. The color wear over time gives each bag a unique look. The golden hardware goes perfectly with the rich color of this bag.



When autumn arrives, most of us start reaching for darker colors and wardrobes tend to get a little monochrome. Let’s not forget all the holidays jam packed in one season that cause us to gain a few pounds — Halloween and delicious candy, Thanksgiving and comfort food and Christmas with seasonal overeating. Black sweaters and coats are slimming but how do you keep from looking drab? 

That’s why we’re loving Khloe’s look. The girl is fab but her family is often seen giving her flack on the show for not being thin enough. Even with the extra pounds, she rarely looks frumpy. 

Here, the most likable Kardashian wears a belted dress to add shape, a scarf to stay cozy and hide any belly flab and colorful accessories to brighten the look. The orange, pink and black strappy sandals are cute while the Proenza Schouler neon PS1 bag takes the outfit to another level. 

While spring and summer are the perfect time to wear light colors and feminine cuts, there’s something about fall that just asks for a more intense look. It’s also the season that layering clothes becomes necessary and chic again. When you’ve got to layer clothes and accessories  neutral colors, black, brown, and monotones work really well. 

It seems like Nicky Hilton knows what she’s doing as she carries her black Proenza Schouler PS11 bag on her shoulder. This bag can work well with most fall and winter outfits, whether it’s worn with a pea coat or a bright neon sweater. Her black studded boots are really stylish as well. 

Even though Nicky stays out of the limelight unlike her notorious sister Paris, her style and fashion taste is far superior, no? What do you guys think – does Nicky dress better or does Paris Hilton?

Gwyneth Paltrow Picks Your New $18,000 Spring Wardrobe

Planting a garden filled with mint, kale, basil, and salvia isn’t the only way Gwyneth Paltrow is getting ready for the warmer weather.

In the 38-year-old star’s latest post on her healthy-living website, she shares her spring fashion picks.

But dressing like the actress, author and lifestyle guru is going to cost you: $18,301 to be exact.

Paltrow, who is known for her super chic style, teamed up with luxury online retailer Net-a-Porter to put together six outfit concepts revolving around key wardrobe “basics” including a $785 Stella McCartney jersey tank dress, a $1840 Chloe silk jacket, and a $90 Kain T-shirt. The least expensive item is a Splendid cotton tank for $44.
The svelte star, who poses in each look (including a bikini), calls her sartorial picks “great pieces which are versatile enough to wear to the office and during your summer leisure time.”

This is all great but Gwyneth forgot to give her readers an alternative in pricing and now they are asking for it. If she can team up with I’m sure she could do the same with more affordable brands like COACH… especially since she’s their New Brand Ambassador! Most of us can spend $300 on a new bag but $3000 could make some people lose sleep at night… just saying.

Gwyneth Paltrow Has Some Expensive Taste and she wants to share

Gwyneth Paltrow dresses better than you!


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Jamie Chung arriving at the Dorchester Hotel in London - March 29, 2011

Jamie Chung arriving at the Dorchester Hotel in London – March 29, 2011
Proenza Schouler Ps1 Medium Leather Satchel
Scarf – Louis Vuitton

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