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Nicky Hilton who is a woman that is after any good fashionista’s heart, she loves her handbags. She has a wide and varied collection of every color and shape you can possibly imagine and we love her for it. No matter what she is doing Nicky plans her outfit and matches it with a bag and you can definitely see the home run and edgy fun when everytime she steps out with a variation Valentino Trapeze Tote.

Olivia Palermo Valentino Va Va Voom Bag
Olivia Palermo doesn’t have to do much to win the hearts of the fashion world besides show up. Her jacket and top are a riot of color, even though they’re clashing prints. That’s something that takes talent to pull off so well. Her silky-satin shorts are to die for and they look even more amazing with the Valentino VaVaVoom bag she chose to complement them with. The olive color is so rich and unique – it’s not the kind of thing you see all over the place. She really knows how to take pieces you wouldn’t re think to buy because they’re a challenge – and then she shows you how to pull it off while making it look effortless.

Miranda Kerr Valentino
Miranda Kerr’s split from Orlando Bloom certainly hasn’t kept the model from looking her usual best so it’s no surprise the polar vortex hasn’t phased her either. While the rest of New York is bundled up and still shivering, Miranda is traipsing around town dressed like it’s toasty fall weather. No hat, no gloves, no problem!

Maybe her excitement over the new Valentino Lock Shoulder bag is keeping her too buzzed to feel the chill. Who are we kidding, she has too many hot designer bags to go gaga over one. This one is very similar to the Valentino Rockstar Tote but it has just one row of the trademark Valentino rockstar studs. It’s a little more somber because of that but even with minimal studs, this black leather number is still very much rock and roll. Would you buy in? 

Valentino Tonal Leather Filigree Tote

This here is the Valentino Tonal Leather Filigree Tote and the only celeb who’s been spotted carrying it is the beautiful Jessica Alba. The white tote is large, big enough to stuff with all kinds of things busy moms with two kids could need at any point in the day. Jessica clearly needs the extra help the bag provides but her celeb status means she has to look good for the inevitable hordes of paparazzi awaiting her wherever she goes. 

This bag is highly useful yet super stylish. White translates into pristine. The color is a symbol of authority and wealth. (Point to be noted: this may not ring true if you don’t keep it clean!) If the bag wasn’t enough to impress you, get a load of the chubby cheeks on Jessica’s baby daughter. Who knew she’d have a redhead? 

Valentino Va Va Voom bag


Wow. This is the first word that came to mind upon viewing Eva Mendes in these photos. It’s so fitting that her handbag is called the Valentino Va Va Voom bag. The red print of the dress goes with the Valentino theme (the designer is obsessed with red) and the Va Va Voom rings more true for her outfit and overall look than the bag itself. 

The bag actually tones down her crazy red hot look. The simple chain and rectangular shape keeps her looking classy. The studs just keep it from being too simple and boring. Ryan Gosling is one lucky guy. His leading lady is utter perfection. That face! That outfit on that bod! Wow, Eva. Keep it up. 

Valentino Rockstud Dome Satchel
It’s been a while since we saw a lady as lovely as Cheryl Burke carrying such a fantastic red handbag. Usually, it’s just Kim or Khloe Kardashian carrying yet another a Chanel or red Birkin. This fiery red Valentino even comes with studs lining it and giving it structure. If you’re looking for a perfect red designer bag to splurge on, let your wallet guide you in the direction of Valentino. The color red exudes confidence and a willingness to be lively and full of love. Even though Valentine’s day is gone, you can still rock this bag!

Eva Longoria Loves Her Valentino Dom Bon Bon Handbag Eva Longoria Luv Her Valentino Bon Bon Handbag

Eva Longoria has certainly had a rough go of it lately. First, the show she starred in, “Desperate Housewives,” was cancelled and then she broke up with her yearlong boyfriend, Eduardo Cruz. However, you wouldn’t know it by looking at her. She has looked stunning when photographed twice over the past two weeks. But, even more stunning than Eva is her eye-catching Valentino purse.

Eva Longoria’s pale pink purse is a Valentino, named the Bon Bon Dome Bow Patent bag. It is made out of pink patent leather and features an attention catching bow on the front. It was originally part of the winter 2010 collection and was made in black. It was later re-released in the pale pink color as part of the spring 2011 collection. The bag currently retails for $1295 and is available at Nordstom’s, Saks Fifth Avenue and Valentino boutique stores.

Lady Gaga's Green Airport Style!

Lady Gaga arrived in Japan on Tuesday June 21 for MTV Music Aid Japan wearing a green Valentino leather trench coat and matching Christian Louboutin Daffodile platform heels.

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Cameron Diaz in Paris with Alex Rodriguez and Valentino

Cameron Diaz and Alex Rodriguez were recently spotted visiting the Modern Art Museum of the City of Paris. Cameron is seen in the photo above carrying her Valentino ‘Rock Stud’ Single Handle Bag. This bag is available now Bergdorf Goodman for $1, 595.

Katherine Heigl with a Gorgeous Valentino Leopard Tote

I didn’t know Valentino had jumped on the leopard bandwagon! But here’s Katherine Heigl, who was recently spotted toting a Valentino Leopard Tote. At first, I thought this was the same Lanvin Draped Frame Tote that Jessica Simpson was seen carrying. We’ve discussed the leopard craze before, but I’d love to hear more thoughts on it. Are you planning to carry leopard print (Valentino, Lanvin or other) this season?

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