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Adele won the Brit Music Award for album of the year

We all know that Adele is a force to be reckoned with on the music charts. In February 2012, she won six Grammy awards and two Brit Music Awards. Her ex-boyfriends are certainly feeling her force.

Get on her bad side and the whole world knows that you broke this songbird’s heart. But in an effort to further show that she’s not to be messed with, ITV is feeling her wrath.

On February 21, 2012, Adele won the Brit Music Award for album of the year. She stepped on stage and began her acceptance speech. Within twenty seconds, she was interrupted. She was told to wrap up her acceptance speech. And wrap up her acceptance speech she did!

On live television, she flipped the bird. Yes, with the nation watching, she flipped the ITV producers’ off. And if that was not revenge enough, she continues on her tirade. She has cancelled all scheduled television appearances for shows that air on ITV.

And to rub salt into the wound, she has booked appearances on competitor network BBC’s shows. Adele is making it quite clear that if you decide to mess with her, there will be long-lasting consequences.

Adele At Brit Music Award

British singing sensation Adele is seen leaving the BBC’s Radio One Live Lounge in Maida Vale carrying a Burberry Prorsum Knight studded bag. Adele had just performed on for the Live Lounge as part of Fearne Cotton’s show, Adele is currently promoting her latest album 21.


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