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Ok sorry but it had to be done, who could resist an attention grabbing headline like that! Let us clarify that what we should have said is that Beyonce, yes THE BEYONCE, or Queen B as she’s often referred to, looks completely and utterly in love with her new Chanel Boy Bag (not a new boy, man, bloke or any other form of maleness).

Angelina Jolie

It’s not often that Angelina Jolie makes public appearances, but when she does, it’s usually at an airport with her kids. Since she’s a brand ambassador for Louis Vuitton, she’s almost always carrying an LV tote. The one she was spotted with this time was the LV Capucines tote bag. 

The LV aesthetic has changed a lot in the last few years and has become more mature. Now there are more clean lines instead of asymetrical bags with LV monograms. The Capucines tote has a LV cut out logo, making it one classy bag for one of the world’s most glamorous women. The bag comes in lots of different colors so if black isn’t your thing, there are other options including purple and blue.


When Beyonce stepped out in this colorful ensemble, she simultaneously shocked and awed fans with how quickly she’s lost her baby weight. Mother to a beautiful baby girl, this pop diva has bounced back and is as gorgeous and fashion forward as ever. (Of course, it always helps to have all the world’s designers and stylists at your feet!)

Learn from the soulful crooner by daring to go bold with your color looks. Here Beyonce carries a demure black leather Alexander Wang purse and dons a Eugenia Kim hat. Opting for black accessories, including her round The Row sunglasses frees her up to go wild with prints and color. The fuscia Michael Kors top perfectly complements the fun print on her Etro floor length skirt.

Beyonce with her Hermes Bags!

Beyoncé was photographed with a beautiful It Bag, The Fabulous Hermes Kelly, the Stock Market’s most beloved and noble, perhaps second only to the Birkin!

Hermes bags are beautiful and unique, not only must you pay thousands of dollars them, but there are long waiting lists, the stars have a fast track but for us mere mortals, things change a lot!

Beyoncé obviously with a snap of the fingers can have all the Kelly and Birkin she wants and in any color she wants!

These stylish handbags were created by Hermes head Jean Louis Dumas and actress Jane Birkin.

The beautiful Singer/Actress Beyoncé was photographed in the street with a short dress and seductive black and white tartan and arms and wears a beautiful Hermes Kelly bag in brick red.

It is Reported that her Husband Jay-Z as Spent over $350,000 for Hermes Bags for his Gorgeous Bride! Beyoncé once said that Hermes was Over Priced and woud never carry one. Once you get an Hermes, it’s love at first sight! Especially for Beyoncé who has definitely had a change of heart!

Beyonce wears a beautiful Hermes Kelly bag in brick red

Beyonce Knowles is Getting it right with her Handbag Line

Beyoncé Knowles is the process expanding her already successful “The House of Deréon” & “Deréon” brands in to the the home textiles market. Proving that Beyoncé herself has a real eye for design and is certainly a major influence on the fashion world.

Beyoncé’s designs clearly reflect her own personal style and taste. Her ranges of bags and purses are already doing really well in stores and online, allowing the startlet’s already classic yet unique style to be available to those shopping on the high street.

They are ideal for who females that love bright and funky designs, however with a design for every occasion you will find more subtle and understated styles in the range.

The products in the line range from $48 to $99 and makes her sassy, girly and fun style accessible to us mortals!

Although she clearly loves her own fashion line, she has been snapped sporting a number of bags by other designers, Shanghai Tang Jade Hobo, BE&D by Ava Hobo & Jimmy Choo.

The queen of R&B has also been seen with more high end and sort after designers products such as thoses of Miu Miu & Mix Satchel.

Lets be honest, Beyoncé has donned some super shocking outfits in the past, but it is clear that she has most defiantly settled into her skin. And even now that she is a mum to be, she still manages to get it right

Spending a little quality time together as a couple, Beyoncé Knowles and Jay-Z were spotted out in Paris, France on Tuesday (April 19). superstar pair were dressed up and had dinner near the famous Champs Elysees.

Beyonce is wearing a dress by PREEN, Python Slingbacks by Christian Louboutin and she is carrying a Jimmy Choo Rosabel bag from The Choo 24:7 Collection.

Photos via Splash News Online

Beyoncé Knowles and her mother and business partner in the House of Deréon fashion line, Tina are getting into the home decor business. Their House of Deréon and Deréon brands have expanded into bedding through a license with Arrow Home Fashions.

Home Textiles today reports that the new lines feature European inspired prints and colors, bohemian patchwork pieces, metallic threads, shams with diamond quilt stitching and feminine dressmaking details. Pieces will be presented to department stores and major retailers.

House of Deréon is the higher end line with retail prices ranging from $149.99 to $199.99. The Deréon line skews younger and more inexpensive with prices ranging from $49.99 to $99.99.

Tina Knowles has designed custom window treatments and bedding for her home and is quoted as saying that she has been excited about doing a home line since they started House of Deréon.

She likes pin-tucking and beading and those details will be present in the line. The House of Deréon began in 2004 and is named for Beyoncé’s grandmother’s maiden name.

Beyonce Takes Flight with Her Botkier Noa Purse

She may always be promoting Samantha Thavasa handbags, but Beyonce’s got plenty of love in her heart for Botkier too. The singer hit an airport in South Korea with her Botkier Noa handbag in tow. I love the purse’s metallic sheen, and I also think B looks very adorable in her uncharacteristically playful tee and cardi. All in all, it’s a fun look.


Last time Beyonce hit up Japan to support handbag line Samantha Thavasa, sister Solange was in tow. But this time B pulled a solo act, shining onstage with her pretty Rock & Republic frock and her glitzy metallic Samantha Thavasa purse. Just what every diva’s heart desires!


Now that’s what I call a bad case of hat hair. Beyonce’s new wavy, mushroomy hairstyle may have been a major hair don’t, but her purple Dior Samourai 1947 woven handbag is a definite DO. The upscale purse some Sasha Fierce-ness to Beyonce’s Katy Perry-esque polka-dot playsuit, though I’d love to see her pair that gorgeous bag with something a bit more formal. Either way, the look is a winner…from the neck down, at least.

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