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Blake Lively made quite  splash at Cannes recently. She picked all the right outfits, had amazing hair and makeup. The poses she made with hubby Ryan Reynolds are what stole the show. They somehow managed to look at each other in ways that really conveyed to the camera how much in love they still are with each other. Although it looked genuine and spontaneous, the cynic in all of us wonders how much of the public displays of affection on the red carpet are due to the fact that they know hundred of cameras are zoomed in on them. If you found yourself in their shoes, would you also shamelessly play up your love for the camera?

It didn’t end there. Not only were her red carpet looks unbelievably glamorous, her airport attire also has the fashion blogosphere aflutter with envy. Everything in this look is so on point – the trendy yet classic loafers. This is how to do a comfy, flat shoe without letting it get boring. Her very French-inspired cropped pants with black top. And our favorite pieces of the look – the brown leather jacket and the Givenchy Mini Pandora Shoulder bag. Some people have been saying the new Alexander Wang bag) (the one carried by Lea Michele recently in this size is will be the new It bag but if we had to choose, we’d go for Givenchy. What about you?

One of the celebs who wowed everyone at Paris Fashion Week was Blake Lively head to toe in Gucci. Seated next to Vogue head Anna Wintour in the front row, Blake cemented her status as a fashion icon and fashion darling Since getting married, the blonde bombshell has taken a break from acting. However, you may be seeing a lot more of her soon because she’s planning on launching a lifestyle and fashion company a la Gwyneth Paltrow.

The sparkly clutch she’s holding is from the Gucci Resort 2014 collection. It’s called the Hologram clutch and its one of the inspirations for the countless sparkly holographic clutches that you can now find in high street stores like Top Shop and Zara. It’s also a favorite clutch for other celebs as well and soon we’ll be posting different ways they’ve been spotted styling it. 

Blake Lively Chanel

As many of you already know, Blake Lively has been Karl Lagerfeld’s muse and a Chanel’s spokesperson for a few years now. There are models who promote the brand and then there are celebrity actresses and famous royals who are invited to act as brand ambassadors. So that explains why you’ll most often see her carrying a Chanel bag above all others. 

She was recently spotted carrying this Chanel bag at an airport after a romantic excursion with husband Ryan Reynolds. This bag is a little different in texture from other Chanel quilted bags as you’ll see the bubbles are a little more pronounced. It’s called the Chanel Bubble Quilted Flap Bag in burgundy. She’s has this bag for a while now and from the looks of it, she loves accessorizing with her outfits quite frequently. 

It’s the final season of Gossip Girl, ladies! That means this is the last year we’ll be receiving stills of the gorgeous Leighton Meester and Blake Lively shooting for the high fashion TV series. Both stars are fairly low maintenance outside of their roles as Serena and Blair, so we doubt we’ll be seeing these lovely ladies rocking the same level of trends after shooting wraps. The many designer items in their GG wardrobes is courtesy of many fashion houses that send things free of cost just to garner publicity. Not every starlet can afford a new bag a day or is interested in burning a hole in her pockets to do so.

The rest of us mere mortals like to awe in wonder in their hot off the runway accessories in the hopes of finding a *ahem* similar piece somewhere on the market. This colorful bag is the kind of piece you can find a budget version of without too hard a search. This one is the 3.1 Phillip Lim Small Lark Duffel.

It’s not the first time Blake has been seen carrying a colorful Phillip Lim handbag on the set of Gossip Girl…it seems the show’s stylists have a deep love for the designer. Also, this bag is actually from Spring 2012 but the stylists have chosen to have her carry it as they shoot for fall. Sometimes a bag is so cute that it doesn’t matter that it’s last season – even if you’re one of Hollywood’s hottest stars! 

Jimmy Choo Isn’t Just For Shoes – Blake Lively Carries Hot New Bag

How lucky is the cast of Gossip Girl? Other than Little J, who was condemned to being the “poor girl from Brooklyn turned grubby rebel outcast”, everyone always gets to wear the latest trends way ahead of everyone else. So ahead that during the time they’re filming, us mere mortals aren’t even aware of the trends Blair and Serena are creating for us!

This Jimmy Choo Lara bag is the perfect type of printed hobo bag to carry to school or work. Blake’s dark trench and worried look gives hint that the directors were shooting some heavy scenes for the show in New York. The Jimmy Choo handbag adds a touch of elegance to the look and the printed scarf prevents the outfit from being too mournful.

A point to note is that the protruding black part of the bag is just an optical illusion! The black top appears as though it’s part of the bag but is in fact a Marc Jacobs laptop sleeve. However, don’t be disappointed – this just goes to show how much you can stuff in this multi purpose bag. You can use it while traveling and still look as stylish as Blake does. 

Just don’t forget to make your tresses as va-va-voom as hers to complete the look.


Blake Lively Steps Out Looking Super Fresh

This spring, no one is schooling us better in the art of color blocking than Blake Lively. Sure, she’s probably had the help of a professional stylist or two, but she still looks amazing in this colorful outfit and eye catching clutch. It even looks as though it’s cozy and comforting to hold.

The bright blue bag the Gossip Girl star is clutching was designed by Emily Cho. The turqouise python double folded clutch perfectly complements the lime trench coat, from the Spring 2012 Reed Krakoff collection. The baby pink shoes add a softness to prevent the outfit from becoming a tad too loud and bold. 

Judging by the blonde beauty’s wide grin, she knows she looks great just as much as we do!


 Blake Lively has nothing but nice things to say about Karl Lagerfeld's recent creations!

Say what you want about Blake Lively, but there’s one thing you can’t deny—she’s officially the sweetest celebrity ever. A few months ago she sent cupcakes to Burberry’s Christopher Bailey as an apology for missing his show. Now, she’s waxing poetic about Chanel’s recent Resort 2012 presentation.

Seriously, there isn’t a bad bone in Blake’s body! She says:

“Every piece just made me smile. My mood was every single bit of that collection. The hardest part was thinking ‘I want to wear every single thing here.’ I never thought I’d be able to come to a Chanel fashion show, let alone be here working with them and be stood here wearing Chanel couture. This is so special.”
Based on these comments, it’s pretty easy to see how Blake charmed Karl Lagerfeld!

Source: Vogue UK /


Blake Lively Causes Catfight at Chanel!

Are these people mad? We just heard that the business people over at Chanel are unhappy about head designer Karl Lagerfeld’s choice to make Blake Lively the face of their latest handbag collection “Mademoiselle”!

There has been grumbling about the fact that Blake doesn’t really suit the classic Fashion house and we are hearing rumors that she has been accused of having an “off brand look”. What is that supposed to mean anyway? We are so glad that Karl Lagerfeld got his way and gets to put whoever he wants for his ad campaigns, we totally agree with him that she is the All-American dream girl! (NewYorkDailyNews)

Blake Lively Chanel Madmoiselle Handbag Ad

Blake Lively is skyrocketing to becoming a fashion muse for the world’s most prestigious fashion houses. Check out the first look from her new ad campaign for Chanel’s Madmoiselle Handbag. The photos were taken by the formidable Karl Lagerfield himself.

Photo By Karl Lagerfeld Courtesy of Chanel - Blake Lively's Chanel campaign

Photo By Karl Lagerfeld Courtesy of Chanel – Blake Lively’s Chanel campaign

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