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Diane Kruger spotted with Chanel 224 Croc Reissue Flap bag

Diana Kruger is one of Chanel frontman Karl Lagerfeld’s favorite girls, somewhere in the top 5 next to Blake Lively, Kiera Knightley and Cara Delvigne. The bag she’s carrying is small but if it were any bigger, it would become the focus of her outfit because she’s so frail. On the other hand, it’s her lithe frame that makes her look good no matter what she’s wearing, even if it just appears to be a peacoat.

She former model is so incredibly thin than she had to get breast implants because she doesn’t have a fleck of adipose on her. You can’t have it all. Some models lose so much weight trying to get slender legs that they end up having to get facial fillers to get some roundness back in their cheeks. Diane seems to be sporting a fuller figure lately. She looked absolutely stunning this month at Cannes.

Diane Kruger spotted with Chanel 224 Croc Reissue Flap bag2

Chanel Lego Clutch
Okay, this is weird. It’s one of those rares occasions on which we don’t love something a celebrity is wearing. Diane Kruger is one of those actress/models who excel at both of those jobs. She’s been a leading lady in so many major Hollywood flicks. She’s so high up in the respected models list that Karl Lagerfeld has a soft spot for her. She’s one of his fashion muses the way Blake Lively of Gossip Girl is. Maybe that’s why she agreed to carry this somewhat ridiculous bag? 

Her outfit is just drop dead gorgeous. Slim, well cut pants and a super FABULOUS fur coat. Classic black strappy sandals. The white polka dotted shirt is something we’d love to steal from her closet. Overall, her outfit is a total win. But the bag? Don’t get us wrong, Chanel is an amazing brand. But how many women are going to spend thousands of dollars on a bag that’s made of plexiglass and looks like a toy? It’s ALMOST as ridiculous as the hula hoop bag:


Chanel 224 Crocodile Reissue Flap bag


Diane Kruger was spotted in New York a few days ago with husband Joshua Jackson. Her outfit is a testament to her modeling days and tells you she is well versed in the do’s and don’t of fashion. Whatever she’s wearing underneath is a mystery but her navy peacoat looks so stylish and shows off her slender legs. The mile high heels don’t look too shabby either. 

The purse she’s got over her shoulder is the Chanel 224 Crocodile Reissue Flap Bag. We’ve noted that we’re not seeing celebrities carrying the quilted Chanel flap bags as much anymore. Those were carried so much in the last five years that people seem to have quilted bag fatigue. However, chain bags and flap bags are just as trendy as ever. Its important to mix it up and try new colors, sizes and textures like croc leather. Diane looks fab overall. 

Diane Kruger are quietly one of Hollywood’s best looking and longest lasting couples. They’re spotted everywhere together and yet we never hear of any inside drama. Diane is a former model (hence the impeccable figure) and the never-ending list of designer gowns, clothes, bags and accessories. Perhaps that’s why this Hollywood A Lister is spotted in the biggest names in fashion – as her former model status lends her the connections that give out free goodies. Her rising star and beautiful look makes designers happy to see her wearing their stuff. The same can’t be said for everyone just because they can afford it (See Snookie or other reality show stars as examples.)

On a casual outing, Diane was spotted carrying this Louis Vuitton purse. More of a shoulder bag, the LV Speedy Empeinte bag in Infini is simple yet refined elegance all at once. The monogrammed LVs are not like the flashy colored LV we used to see on a white background. They subtly melt into the background yet they’re still there, declaring allegiance to a highly renowned French brand anyone would be happy to carry. The gold buckles are the icing on cake, or the creme in the macaroon, as this is a French designer. 

This bag has been spotted in Infini Blue, Aurore Red, Aube Purple and Ombre Grey. We especially dig this Aube Purple (or plum) colored version. 


Diane Kruger is famous for a few things: 

1. Her movie roles, in which she usually plays a female character of legendary beauty. In Troy, she plays Helen, a woman whose beauty fueled passions and led to an epic war. In Wicker Park, a gorgeous Josh Hartnett falls head over heels in love with her just after seeing her face on a home video. We get it, Hollywood. Diane Kruger is a pretty face. 

2. Her relationship with Dawson’s Creek and Fringe TV star Joshua Jackson. She’s the girl who snagged Pacey. 

3. Her many red carpet appearances in Hollywood, Cannes and all over the glamorous places on Earth. The girl knows how to rock a gown. Not only that, she is famous for her street style as well. 

We often see Diane carrying trendy purses. This time she’s been spotted carrying this unique and quirky Chanel Flap Bag. You’d expect all Chanel flap bags to be classic, almost conservative looking but this one stands out because there aren’t many others like it. It has black squares randomly thrown in with striped black and white squares. The purse came out in 2011 but since it’s a limited edition, it won’t become one of those “last season passe” items. It’ll always have value because of its uniqueness. 


Um, I’ll just go ahead and take this whole outfit to go, please. Seriously, how lovely does German actress Diane Kruger look in her summery yellow blouse paired with a cobalt blue skirt, a bold statement necklace, and a chic little cream Chanel purse? I love her choice of vibrant color, and you can’t go wrong with a quilted Chanel. Perfection.


Dane Kruger has really emerged as one of the new designer handbag-obsessed starlets. We’ve seen her with Goyard, we’ve seen her with Alexander McQueen, and now we’re seeing her with Chanel. Of course, Diane’s eclectic fashion sense means she’s not going to go for the classic black quilted 2.55, but rather this funkier embellished version. Hey, I can get down with originality. What I cannot get down with, however, are those harem pants. Please burn these now.



Is this a foxy couple or what? Joshua Jackson and Diane Kruger look dressed to kill at a recent gala event, but don’t mistake Diane for the cute and cuddly uber-femme type just because she’s wearing a pretty pink gown. If you look closer you’ll spy Alexander McQueen’s Python Box Clutch in her hand, sporting one very non-girly skull clasp. Way to add some edge to a cocktail dress. What do you think? Would you have preferred something a bit sweeter, or do you like the kick of rocker glam?


A lot of you have mixed feelings about Goyard, but I personally love the French brand’s iconic monogrammed tote. Okay, okay, so I’m not 100% behind Diane Kruger’s ensemble – the green skirt is a distraction – but the bag remains one of my favorites, thanks to its signature racing stripe and peacock-esque print. Its roomy design also makes it great for traveling and shopping (which is what Jonathan Jackson’s gal seems to be doing). Now I just need to buy one.

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