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These Celebs Know How to Rock a Handbag

Handbags are not just accessories; they are a statement piece, and they are something that so many celebs use as a status item. Whether it is a Birkin bag on Ashley Olsen’s arm or a Marc Jacobs Picnic Tote that is in Miley Cyrus’ collection, we’ve got the list of all of the celebs sporting some of the hottest purses out there.

Hilary Duff is always spotted either running errands with her baby boy or running to the gym. She looks casual clothes like the ones pictured above. 9 times out of 10 hen the paparazzi catch her, she’s in something that looks comfortable in a “lounging around the gym” way rather than comfortable but still chic. Although she doesn’t want to make the effort to look like a Hollywood starlet through her outfit choices, she does it with the labels that surround her life. For example, she’s always carrying a luxury bag, no matter what. This is the new Chanel boy bag in silver, which is actually very cute and different from the usual Chanel bags we’ve been seeing in years past. And aside from her bag, that’s a Porsche she’s stepping in. Kinda makes you realize why child stars try so hard to get famous with all kinds of crazy antics. One you’re a Disney kid, you can retire at 20 with loads of cash. 

Hilary Duff

 Hilary Duff has the best life, as we’ve reiterated many times before. Her billionaire husband has allowed her to retire – freeing her up for shopping, traveling, sunbathing and enjoying time with her infant son. The former Disney star was on air as an 8th grader and now has it all while many girls her age have just graduated from college and are still jobless. 

Her handbag collection has literally every single luxury brand ever made. Her Celine bag collection includes this gray luggage tote. The quirky look of the bag has the comical look of  a cartoon ghost but this isn’t the Celine Phantom – it’s actually the Celine Luggage tote. Which makes perfect sense, because it appears she toted it on her way aboard a luxury private jet. Ah, the life of the rich and famous.

yellow Celine Tricolor Mini Luggage bag

Hilary Duff was just spotted out in Los Angeles with this Tricolor Mini Luggage Bag by Celine. The front is a lemony yellow color and its accents are black and white. She played up these colors by dressing down in black yoga pants, black and white sneakers and a black and white varsity jacket.

The bag is so sought after that its only available in high end boutiques or Celine stores only in select parts of America. Most Americans would have to travel pretty far just to see this bag and Hilary and such celebs carry it to the gym and the grocery store. Ahhh, such is the life of moneyed honeys. 

Chloe Marcie Crossbody

Hilary Duff married a fabulously wealthy rich man years ago. Now that she’s the wife of a billionaire and the mother of his child, it’s become her full time job to be seen shopping for designer clothes while wearing designer clothes. As long as she’s a walking fashion icon, we’re happy because that way she’s like a Trend 101 class for the rest of us. 

Because of the past fashion week, Chloe seems to have picked up steam towards its position as a classic handbag choice. On its way to becoming iconic, it’s become even more trendy, if that makes sense. The design house rolled out the Chloe Paddington bag to celebrate its 60th anniversary and while they were at it, they also made some of the most beautiful bags seen on the runways of Paris fashion week. So now we’re seen a flurry of celebs carrying their older Chloe bags out in public. This is the Marcie Cross-Body Bag in a whimsically titled Nut color. 

Hilary Duff

Hilary Duff pretty much retired as an actress and singer after getting married to billionaire Mike Comrie. Now she’s a mom to a fairly adorable child and was recently seen toting him to music class. It’s questionable whether music class will have any effect on an infant but when you’re rich, why not? 

Also on her fabulously wealthy arm was a Celine Mini Luggage Tote in the color Dune. While this bag is available in snakeskin, pony hair and suede, hers is is the classic snakeskin. This bag has become such a classic shape that in the last year, we’ve been seeing more of it than anything else, even more than the Chanel Flap Bags that were in for so long. The Kardashians are always carrying Celine and the younger ones, Kylie and Kendall received several as Christmas presents. 

Pregnant Actress Hilary Duff was spotted at a hair salon in Studio City on November 10, 2011 carrying her 35 CM Hermes Birkin Bag in Black with Palladium Hardware. Hilary is expecting a baby boy and due early spring of 2012.

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Hilary Duff leaving the Neil George Salon on Wednesday (March 30) in Los Angeles.
Handbag by Balenciaga
Shoes – Lanvin Puzzle Peep Toe Wedges

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Hilary Duff shopping in Paris at Christian Louboutin with a Gucci 1973 Medium Top Handle Bag

Hilary Duff was recently spotted shopping in Paris France at Christian Louboutin boutique. She flaunted a simple black top with blue jeans and a beautiful Gucci 1973 Medium Top Handle Bag.

Hilary had toured all of Europe to promote her book ‘Elixir‘ which is the first of a three book series.

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Hilary Duff in the rain with Balenciaga

Out braving the California rain, Hilary Duff was spotted on Wednesday (January 20) out and about in Brentwood.

Heading into a medical building, the former “Lizzie McGuire” star looked stylish per usual and sported a Giant Covered Balenciaga Bag and Hunter Rain Boots by Jimmy Choo.

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