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Jessica Alba in Louis Vuitton Soft Lockit

Don’t you just love Jessica Alba’s style? She always look great from red carpet to street style. Here she is in her casual look on her way to a nail salon in Brentwood, CA. She was wearing skinny jeans, tank top and covered with a pinstripe boyfriend jacket. She keeps her cool with her Westward Leaning sunglasses and silver boat shoes. She accessorized herself with some rings, and an “honest” necklace. Jessica was carrying Louis Vuitton’s latest It bag, the Parnassea Lockit Bag in Magnolia. This bag makes a great day bag for its spacious interior. It retails for US$4,250.00.

Jessica Alba is not an actress you see appearing in movies all the time. It seems more like something she did when she was younger and is now “SO OVER IT.” She’s more into her family, writing books on lifestyle and recipes. She’s very into the luxury L.A. lifestyle, even though she appears to think she’s “so much more down to earth than Gwyneth Paltrow.” That’s why she could be the next Victoria Beckham or Gwyneth Paltrow, if Blake Lively doesn’t beat her to it first with her lifestyle blog. 

Part of the process of creating an image as a luxury living connoisseur is knowing which brands are trendy before everyone else does, or in other words, creating the trend. That seems to be what Jessica’s doing by carrying a brand from this little known British brand Smythson. It’s little known but all the “right people” aka wealthy people know about it because it goes back so many years. The company was founded in 1887 and this is the Smythson 1887 Tote. Bound to make you feel classy when you carry it. 

Jessica Alba Dior Flap Clutch
Jessica Alba’s style has changed so much over the years. To be honest, we liked it better before. Sure, it’s age appropriate and perfectly suited to a mother of two, but it’s just so boring. And it’s a little too sinister how her style is very “nouveau riche L.A.” a la Rachel Zoe, Nicole Ritchie and Gwyneth Paltrow and the like. She was so much more inspirational when she had the tan Hollywood girl next door thing going on. Blue bikinis, light blue denim and beautiful simplicity. There’s nothing wrong with going for the fashion week look either. She looks great…just not very inspiring. She’s no longer that girl all of America looks up to and says, “Man, I wish I looked like that girl in that movie.” Has she even been any movies recently? The only hot action she’s getting is that very cute Dior Flap Clutch. 

The bag that made Chanel mainstream – the Chanel 2.55 Flap Bag. In this case, it’s actually the 2.55 Reissue Flap Bag. What makes this bag such a good buy is because it’s a combination of classic and unique. After all, this is the shape that launched a thousand fashion blogs. Everyone loves the beautiful shoulder chain and the quilted pattern of the exterior. What makes it a little different is the fact that its not leather. Its made of soft jersey which gives it a soft, matte and cuddly look. The jersey fabric doesn’t make it look any less luxurious. It just makes it stand out from most other flap bags.

Valentino Tonal Leather Filigree Tote

This here is the Valentino Tonal Leather Filigree Tote and the only celeb who’s been spotted carrying it is the beautiful Jessica Alba. The white tote is large, big enough to stuff with all kinds of things busy moms with two kids could need at any point in the day. Jessica clearly needs the extra help the bag provides but her celeb status means she has to look good for the inevitable hordes of paparazzi awaiting her wherever she goes. 

This bag is highly useful yet super stylish. White translates into pristine. The color is a symbol of authority and wealth. (Point to be noted: this may not ring true if you don’t keep it clean!) If the bag wasn’t enough to impress you, get a load of the chubby cheeks on Jessica’s baby daughter. Who knew she’d have a redhead? 

Jessica Alba_Tory Burch Poppy Red Robinson Satchel

 Everyone knows Tory Burch is known for her bright, eye-catching colors. Her flats and flip flop sandals are an absolute spring and summer must have. A sorority in Cornell became notorious when their extremely meticulous dress code leaked. The disapproving sorority head was hardly okay with any kind of footwear but Tory Burch made the cut. 

The fab bright colors are making her handbag line a hit as well. This is the Red Robinson satchel and Jessica Alba really knows how to dress around her bag. Her casual outfits have a little added drama to keep them from being too dull and matronly thanks to the bag. It has two top handles and our fave part – the gold Tory Burch logo. We also love the boot cut jeans Jess is in — such a welcome change from skinny jeans, which make even thin girls look all hips. 

jessica Alba

Jessica Alba hasn’t been in any movies lately but she is promoting her book, causing her to fly around for appearances. That’s why she was spotted at the airport without her husband or adorable kids in tow. And what’s an airport appearance without showing off a brand new travel tote? 

While Louis Vuitton has cornered the market on travel bags and Louboutin is mainly known for extremely high-heeled shoes, this tote is by the latter. It’s called the Christian Louboutin Farida Snakeskin Shopping Tote and it doesn’t really look much like a Louboutin. Instead of being plain yet edgy like the heels, it’s more wild and full of mismatched prints. 

Jessica Alba arrives to catch a flight at JFK airport in NYC

purple patent leather Roger Vivier ‘Prismick’ clutch

We love Jessica Alba for a number of things. She’s an amazing actress, best known for the Fantastic 4, Sin City, and her TV show Dark Angel. Plus, she’s absolutely gorgeous! But, what really makes everybody fall in love with Jessica Alba is her personality and style. After having children, she started a company making children’s products without any harmful ingredients. Even with having such a busy life as a mom, actress, and CEO, Jessica Alba never fails to impress with her style!

Pictured above is Jessica Alba at the 2013 Producer’s Guild Awards. She’s wearing an Ellie Saab dress and a Roger Vivier clutch. Her clutch matches her lipstick which pulls the whole together. It is an unexpected choice with the black dress, but it worked out so perfectly! We don’t love the nail color too much, but if you’re Jessica Alba, everything you do it cool. You could pair this sexy clutch with any deep colored formal dress, cocktail or black-tie.

Jessica Alba carries both a McQueen bag and a flower arrangementJessica Alba and her style has been on our radar for a very long time. Not to say she isn’t talented, she did a spectacular job in The Fantastic 4 and Awake. Its just that she is so pretty and so much like us normal folk. She has kids, and she has a company for children and babies, making perfect products for parents to use when they’re raising our children.

Juggling her company, acting, and family life, Jessica Alba always looks so put together. Her busy life is why we think she chose the Alexander McQueen whipstiched shopper. It has a tremendous amount of space in it and is very durable. Its functional, yet stylish. It can go with any everyday outfit because of its neutral colors and design. Even Rachele Zoe chose this bag for her diaper bag when she had a baby.

Jessica Alba Chloe Alice tote bag

Jessica Alba doesn’t actively pursue the limelight. Never having been known as a hard partier, she married quite young and soon had two children. Now know more for being a celebrity mother than anything else, her sex icon and blockbuster actress days seem to be behind her. Since she’s still got the glam factor and lives in Hollywood, the press she gets is sufficient to keep her a style icon women can try to emulate. 

She was seen on numerous occasions toting this Celine bag. While Jess keeps her outfits casual most of the time, she does have a penchant for bags and is seen with all kinds of designer pieces. This Chloe Alice tote is one of those that are best when clutched or held in the crook of the arm. As seen from the small size of the handles, this isn’t the kind of bag one can simply hang over the shoulder and relax. It demands high maintenance but from the looks of it, it’s worth it.  

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