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15 Hot Celebs Sporting Their Favorite Louis Vuitton Bags

Louis Vuitton bags are some of the most coveted bags out there.They are unique, different and they have an air of status about them.Every celebrity has at least one LV bag, but we are here to uncover the hottest celebs carrying the hottest Louis Vuitton bags. Buckle up and start to read through this list of celebs that are carrying some of the hottest Louis Vuitton bags on the market today!

Khloe Kardashian with Chanel Grafitti

The Kardashians never gets tired from trying the latest trends. Seen here is Khloe Kardashian in all black ensemble with the Chanel Graffiti Backpack. The Backpack has returned few seasons ago, but Chanel made it more popular when the Graffiti Backpack debuted in their Spring/Summer 2014 Runway show. The bag is made of canvas with Chanel graffiti logo designs and accessorized with colorful braided ropes. Khloe was seen in LAX with the backpack with black top and pants, and Gianvito Rossi Geometric Cutout Lace Up Booties. She was also seen with this bag in an episode of Keeping Up With The Kardashian (Season 9) wherein she was with Kendall, accompanying Kim in a photoshoot. The Chanel Graffiti Backpack retails for US$3,800.00

Khloe Kardashian Celine Boston Bag
The Kardashians are no longer one big happy family. Kim is doing her own diva thing being Mrs. Kanye West. Kris and Bruce have split up. Kendall and Kylie have their own lives now and they’re no longer glued to each other like twins. Kendall has her New York and London fashion week thing going on. Kourtney is nowhere to be seen. That leaves Khloe, who seems to be busy tweeting cryptic messages about her divorce with Lamar Odom. What’s a girl to do when you’ve got no one to shoot your His and Hers reality show with? Step out wearing new clothes, that’s what. 

Khloe has lost a lot of weight the last couple of years but that doesn’t mean she’s going to stop wearing slimming black. All black is a good look for her, especially the tall black leather boots. Leather looks really great on people who have the confidence to pull it off, and that is something Khloe has a lot of. It’s just too bad she’s not as adventurous with her handbag choices because all we ever see her in is Celine. 


There are a few things we like about the two sisters’ looks on this day but several things we don’t. The bags are definitely a win. This is the first time we’re seeing Kourtney with a Celine Edge bag, or any celeb for that matter. The silver Chanel Flap Bag has been spotted many a times before but we still love seeing it pop up on Khloe too. The black leggings and loose-top black booties are very hot. Kourtney’s pumps are killer too.

That wraps up the hits so we can move on to the misses. Kourtney’s ripped jeans. This style belongs to the last decade. It’s time to retire it for good. Khloe’s top looks like it was an XL size off the sale rack from Forever 21 so no. Saving the best for last – WHAT is up with Khloe’s blue ribbon in her hair? Did she miss trying this look when she was 5 so decide to make up for lost time now? Oh, and Kim carried a very similar bag a long time ago…another handmedown?


Calabasas_June_18_2013 Chanel Boy Pre-Fall 2013 Bag

Our favorite part of this outfit is actually not the bag, it’s the shoes. They are the kind of shoes a true shoe addict could salivate over for hours. Normal, non-celeb people wouldn’t have the guts to wear something like these monstrous heels even at a formal event but Khloe seems at ease throwing them on for a froyo outing. That’s a Kardashian for you.

Her Chanel boy bag has previously been spotted on sister Kim, quite a long time ago. Either Khloe takes all Kim’s old bags or these wacky sisters like buying the exact same things. Her torn jeans and ironic Chanel top are really killing the glam factor of her accessories.

Calabasas_June_18_2013 Chanel Boy Pre-Fall 2013 Bag2

Candy Birkin bag in Lime

It’s been said before so many times but we’ll say it again – while Kim’s been toasting a bun in her oven, Khloe has been getting hotter and hotter. The statuesque celebrity sister of Kim Kardashian has been seriously impressing us with her street style looks.

Her Guiseppe Zanotti heels are always to die for. The stillettos she picks are always jewel encrusted and jaw-dropping beautiful. However, we have noticed something strange about her handbags. More often than not, they’re bags sister Kim has worn long ago, like this Hermes Candy Birkin in Lime. Her ability to recycle these bags just makes us like her more. After Kim threw out nearly her entire wardrobe at Kanye’s behest, at least someone had the sense to salvage the goodies.

Calabasas_Ca_July_5_2013 Hermes 35cm Candy Birkin bag in Lime2

Khloe Kardashian
We’ve been seeing less and less of Phantom Celines and more of the Luggage style Celines lately. Even Gwyneth Paltrow was recently spotted in New York with a black and cream white Luggage Celine, which means the style is still highbrow and not reality star status only. This particular color-blocked version matches perfectly with Khloe’s outfit, which is a good thing if you love all aspects of every outfit to be very matchy-matchy. 

Lately we don’t see too much of Kim Kardashian out and about anymore but the lack of a “hot Kardashian” in the legal age group seems to have inspired Khloe to lose weight and become the replacement.

Celine Yellow Phantom Bag

Khloe is the Kardashian we follow most often. Though Kim is more famous and Kourtney and Kris also have an intense passion for designer bags, Khloe is the one who stays the most up to date. She carries trendier pieces from time to time while the others stick to black totes – mostly Chanel and Birkins. 

Here, Khloe is carrying the Celine Yellow Lemon Phantom Bag from the Summer 2013 collection. It’s unbelievable that it’s so close to summer holidays already. Khloe seems to have a good grip on the season’s style. A flowey print dress, quirky hair and gladiator style strappy heels. Whether the heels are fresh again or its still too soon to bring back this trend is up to you, but its safe to say the brightly colored bag is a nice touch. 

Khloe Kardashian

Khloe Kardashian was spotted at an LA Clippers game with mom Kris Jenner. The family used to be OBSESSED with Birkin bags by Hermes. Once on a trip to Paris, Kim Kardashian and mom Kris spent upwards of 100,000 DOLLARS on Birkin bags. All the same shape and design, just different colors. That’s just an example of how overboard this moneyed clan goes when they decide they like something. 

These days their obsession is Celine. It’s all about Celine. It’s the one brand you’ll see mom or any of the five sisters carrying. It’s the one brand they gifted each other the most on Christmas and uploaded a series of pics of on Instagram. And this particular Celine bag is one that Khloe has been spotted with before, which we’ve blogged about. The interesting thing about the bag is not the wings that fan out similar to the Phantom Celine but the color blocking. The suede blue goes really well with the black and brown and complements her outfit nicely. This is one obsession we really understand.  

Klohe Kardashian red bag


The Kardashians keep half the bag lovin’ blogs on the internet in business. By constantly tweeting, instagram-ing pictures and walking around town getting photographed in new bags, they’re make runway looks translate to street style for the rest of us before any other celebs do.

Khloe wore this red Chanel wrap around bag around L.A. At first look, it just appears to be a simple, classic Chanel flap bag but it’s actually the new Chain Around Bag. The metal chain isn’t just in the shoulder straps. Since chained bags have been the hottest in thing in the last few years, it seems the designers saw good cause to add more of it to the bag. Look pretty cute. Do you prefer this or little sister Kylie’s red Celine? 


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