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15 Hot Celebs Sporting Their Favorite Louis Vuitton Bags

Louis Vuitton bags are some of the most coveted bags out there.They are unique, different and they have an air of status about them.Every celebrity has at least one LV bag, but we are here to uncover the hottest celebs carrying the hottest Louis Vuitton bags. Buckle up and start to read through this list of celebs that are carrying some of the hottest Louis Vuitton bags on the market today!


Kourtney Kardashian has her own name in fashion and she hits a lot of proper notes. The whole clan is known to love the labels and Kourtney is no different. The lovely Kourtney recently had her third child but it is clear that being a Mom will never keep her from accessorizing properly. Kourtney has a personal style that is different from her sisters and she tends to be a little more modest in her dress and some of her bags efficiently show that as well. Three examples here include her Chanel staples and really you can’t get anymore lady like then Chanel. Here you see the Chanel Soft Tote, the Chanel Train Case and the Chanel Vintage Box Bag.

If there’s any kind of new Chanel or Celine handbag, you can be sure at least one of the Kardashians already have it. Here, Kourtney uses the Celine Knot tote as a luggage tote to stuff in a few things on her way to the airport. Their use of designer bags used to be a little different back in the day. They would hold it up to show it off, Paris Hilton style. These days they just carry them around like they mean nothing, don’t they?

This famous family has gone from being ridiculed for their ties to trash reality tv to being all the way at the top. The world’s most renowned designers and fashion editors of different European Vogues were present at Kim Kardashian’s wedding. It just goes to show that if you have enough money, beauty and a team of people dressing you and doing your hair and makeup to make you look your best, you really can climb your way to the top. Being born into it is no longer necessary….except Kim may not have been royalty, but she was born into immense wealth. The clan grew up in Calabasas, which is one of the wealthiest areas of California after Beverly Hills. That puts a damper on our rags to riches story. 


There are a few things we like about the two sisters’ looks on this day but several things we don’t. The bags are definitely a win. This is the first time we’re seeing Kourtney with a Celine Edge bag, or any celeb for that matter. The silver Chanel Flap Bag has been spotted many a times before but we still love seeing it pop up on Khloe too. The black leggings and loose-top black booties are very hot. Kourtney’s pumps are killer too.

That wraps up the hits so we can move on to the misses. Kourtney’s ripped jeans. This style belongs to the last decade. It’s time to retire it for good. Khloe’s top looks like it was an XL size off the sale rack from Forever 21 so no. Saving the best for last – WHAT is up with Khloe’s blue ribbon in her hair? Did she miss trying this look when she was 5 so decide to make up for lost time now? Oh, and Kim carried a very similar bag a long time ago…another handmedown?




Kourtney is known as one of the lesser pretty sisters of the Kardashian Klan but there’s plenty she’s good at. We’re not sure if it’s a natural talent or if she pays a stylist to help her look this put together, but she looks pretty great. Kourtney was seen bopping around Beverly Hills in an outfit which would have been perfect for a Lindsay Lohan court appearance. 

Jokes aside, she’s carrying the new Celine Trio bag. It’s called that because it’s actually three purse-shaped compartments held together. This conveniently compartmentalized bag makes it easy to store things and from the side, it looks like a cute mini accordian.  

Kourtney Kardashian

Kourtney Kardashian is in between filming for her family’s multiple reality shows. These days the sisters are splitting their time between Miami and Los Angeles. To maintain their high profile and stay in the headlines to keep up show ratings, each of the family members are often spotted decked out in designer regalia from head to toe. Or maybe they just dress this way because they like it, not as a chore. Who knows?

The main attraction in this look is the wild fur coat but since our love is deep for bags, that’s what we’re going to zone in on. This is the Proenza Schouler Pochette bag in camel. The beige color goes really well with her outfit and her coat, but a yellow version of the bag is more lively. The problem with bright statement colors are difficult to accessorize unless you pay attention to every detail of the outfit. 


The Kardashian sisters are always jet-setting between L.A., Miami and New York. This time Kourtney and Khloe went down to  check out their Dash boutique in Florida. Known for it’s populous beaches and sunny, breezy weather, this dress was perfect for the occasion. The color is between aqua and sea-green. 

This bag is from the Spring 2013 collection, the new Celine Edge Tote bag. It is made of calfskin leather, which is extra smooth and fine. There’s a large front zip which spans across the bag and has a thick shoulder bag strap, both of which give it a no-frills chic look. This is the simplest version of the bag. There are even two other versions which feature pony hair and python leather!

Kourtney Kardashian With Her Celine Luggage Tote!

Seasons come and seasons go, but in the fashion world, Celine is still the must-have bag for people who are interested in a bag’s must-haveness and Kourtney Kardashian is no exception and always steals the spotlight especially with this very hard to find Celine Luggage Tote!

She carries it in Black and Black with Leopard Detail Design on Front shown in these photos. The brand only has one US boutique at the moment (although it’s opening a New York City location in the coming months) and the bags are distributed through ultra-prestigious retailers in extremely small numbers.

Pre-season pictures of Celine’s designs are almost as difficult to find as the bags themselves. Which is why this is a true Legend to own!

If you cannot afford the alarming price tag on this Tote, Visit and get both of Kourtney’s Inspired Totes for only $79.00 Each made of Solid Luxurious Leather! The Inspired Version is called The London Tote!


Baginc London Leather Tote Black And Leopard

Kourtney Kardashian Parties Las Vegas with Balenciaga

Kourtney Kardashian was spotted at the McCarran Airport in Las Vegas carrying her Balenciaga Giant City Tote this past Saturday night (March 26) to attend a friend’s bachelorette party.

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Although I’m just about as big a Balenciaga fangirl as you’re likely to find in most corners of the Internet, my knowledge of the brand’s designs isn’t comprehensive. I know that what Kourtney Kardashian is carrying in these photos is indeed a Balenciaga bag, but I’m not sure where it’s called or when it was released.

The bag rings a few bells, but for some reason, I’m thinking that it’s older, which seems to be supported by the fact that it’s not represented on he brand’s website. In that case, has Kourtney been a fellow Balenciaga fangirl for some time? Did she raid Kim’s closet for a stylish diaper bag? A little bit of both? Who’s to say, but it looks as though it’s hauling a relatively full load quite well. And between the bag and the baby, it’s probably a good idea that Kourt wore some flats – Chanel Ballet Flats, naturally.

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