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The Many Bags Of Lady Gaga

Lady Gaga, a quintessential modern pop star, with 42 million Twitter followers, or “little Monsters” as she refers to them, has to be one of the most  iconic females of the 21st century.

Lady Gaga isn’t seen all over the place like she used to be back in the day when she was trying to get famous by being outrageous. These days, she seems to be relaxing before she makes her next move. Her last album was kind of a flop because she tried to copy herself by creating a soup of her old beats mixed with other artists beats (coughMadonnacough). The end result was something that sounded like it was dying to be a hit but was SO last year. So now she’s hanging around New York, eating at her dad’s Italian restaurant, and trying out the retro 40’s vibe? While her look is an improvement on things she’s worn in the past, her wig isn’t doing her any favors. The dress is ok and although the bag is an authentic vintage Hermes Kelly, it looks slightly too beat up to still be impressive. 

Versace's signature flap handle bag


If you look at Lady Gaga’s recent outfit, it’s pretty clear that she did go to the same New York prep school as Paris Hilton. She looks like a cross between a Vegas dancer and an LA party girl, which is way more Paris Hilton style than it is Gaga. Last time we saw her, she looked Hollywood glam and the time before that, she looked very Gaga in a crazy theatrical headpiece. At least we’re not bored.

The lavender colored shoes and matching bag are both from Versace’s 2014 Spring/Summer line. The bag is called the Versace signature flap handle bag and it’s quite similar to the last bag the singer was spotted with, which was also Versace (the Medusa bag). Versace seems to be trying to join Hermes and Celine in producing large tote-like bags. Looks like they’re going to be successful because we can picture many fashionable women carrying this new style in the years to come. 

Lady Gaga showed up in New York this weekend looking like an absolutely fabulous cross between Marilyn Monroe and Jackie O. For once, her outfit is all class with a touch of drama, minus the over the top theatrics. Her nose seems to be shrinking but her hair is more vivacious than ever (even though it’s probably a wig.) 

The bag she was spotted carrying was the Versace Medusa Tote, which is STILL not available in stores. You can shop for it online but it hasn’t been released to the pubic yet. The Medusa hardware in gold is Versace’s icon and they seem to be trying to make it as recognizable as Louis Vuitton’s monogram, Herme’s H and Chanel’s double C’s. We like it so we’re in favor of this new trend. So far, the one other celeb who’s been seen with this tote was Selena Gomez during Paris Fashion Week. She was carrying it during a meeting with Anna Wintour so you know this bag has the approval of fashion’s biggest power players. Future It bag for sure!



The Chanel Cerf Tote is a celeb favorite. It’s been seen on the arm of many a Real Housewife. Lady Gaga wore it with great aplomb. She made it look like an incredibly fancy bag – one of those crazy elusive “It” bags people all over the world are dying to own. Rochelle of the pop hit The Saturdays made it look like a casual shopping bag. While it looks great on both, this is a great example of how any bag can be dressed up or down. It all depends on how you style it, how you style your hair and makeup and the ‘tude you wear on your face while you carry the bag on your arm!



 Lady Gaga’s Louis Vuitton ‘North South’ Sunshine Express bag is making us drool with envy. When was the last time you saw a Louis bag that looked this spectacularly flashy and glamorous at the same time? The star often makes some questionable fashion choices with meat dresses, arriving in eggs and forgetting to wear pants. But this bag is so glam that it makes you not even realize she’s wearing a simple oversized T-shirt. She looks like someone worthy of being at Paris fashion week because that’s what this bag is – pure Parisian class. 

Available in burgundy, purple and yellow, the bag is adorned with sequins that spell out the LV monogram – don’t worry, the LVs are all still there and as cute as ever, only much shinier. It has a matching leather lining for a luxe look even as you’re fishing through it for lost lipstick. 


Lady Gaga's $50,000 Customized Spiked Out 35 CM Hermes Birkin Bag

It is no secret that Lady Gaga’s Fashion is a little bit of a controversy these days! You either hate it or love it! She is seen here showing off just one of new Iconic Fashion Statement Pieces!

The Hermes 35CM Birkin Bag that she had customized just for her and her eccentric taste in fashion. Adorned with large Silver Palladium Spikes all over this once Classic Style Tote originally designed for Princess Grace Kelly.

I give it 2 Thumbs up personally because it is a piece of art.

From the way she’s holding it, she might be a little scared of it as well. I’m just saying. None the less, the bag is certainly a shop stopper and deserves a fash-ON nod.

If you want the look of a $50,000.00 Spiked out Birkin you must go to where you can get the Inspired version for 169.50 which is a steal of a deal! The inspired version is a show stopper and made of 100% Solid Cowhide leather!

You will not be disappointed ladies! Guaranteed!

H World Cowhide Leather Studded Bag Black

Lady Gaga Covers Vanity Fair January 2012

Vanity Fair is kicking off 2012 with Lady GaGa and she is red hot on the cover of the magazines January 2012 issue, on newsstands nationwide on Tuesday (December 6).

Mother Monster posed for an artsy and provocative spread shot by Annie Leibovitz while speaking with the magazine about everything from relationships to moments of self doubt.

Image courtesy of Annie Leibovitz / Vanity Fair

If a magazine is going to break a record, it might as well do so with one of the most talked-about pop stars on the planet on its covers — both front and back. An oil-drenched Lady Gaga appears in her mermaid form on Visionaire’s “Larger Than Life” issue. Says the publication, “Visionaire broke the Guinness World Record for the largest magazine with LARGER THAN LIFE at 36 x 49.48 inches. Then we shattered our own record with a Deluxe Edition at 57.48 x 79 inches.”

Lady Gaga was photographed by Inez Van Lamsweerde and Vinoodh Matadin.
Via Visionaire Magazine /

The Masterpiece! A gravity-defying film reveals how Lady Gaga’s Little Monsters gave her wings!
She and Nicola Formichetti, Fashion Director of The Haus of Gaga, knew fans all around the world would help share Lady Gaga’s message about living with passion and loving with protection while inspiring a truly magical global fashion collaboration.

“The Masterpiece” is Gaga’s dress, a wearable piece of art designed by Nicola Formichetti — as well as her little monsters. Fans sent recorded messages concerning the plight of HIV and AIDS to, and selected messages were used by Formichetti in designing the dress.

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