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Olivia Palermo Dior Miss Dior Bag
How does Olivia Palermo manage to look so wholesome even though her frame is nearly skeletal? Maybe it’s her warm smile or her honey brown highlights. Or the fact that she knows she’s very slim and adds ruffles and layers to add a little shape to her frame. Either way, she’s a style icon for those who love their fashion feminine and modern chic. She wears classic pieces like this crisp white blouse-dress but she shakes it up by doing stuff most other people wouldn’t have the guts to risk, like adding this wildly colorful beaded necklace around her collar. That’s the kind of risk even A list actresses don’t take. Her number one job has always been to make herself look good so even when she does try new things, she never fails to make them look awesome. It also helps that she accessorizes with amazing arm candy like the Dior Miss Dior Bag. 

There are some bags which are so plain (yet chic) that they can be worn with anything and still look great. Others are a different story. The Mini Bronte bag by Chloe is not one of those bags. This is the type that isn’t just an accessory you hang on your arm. This is the kind of bag you build the entire outfit around and that’s what it looks like Olivia Palermo did. It is beautifully structured and built to last. The colors complement each other wonderfully – cream, black and beige. The silver accent only adds to the chicness!

Olivia Palermo
Remember the Louis Vuitton bag Sofia Coppola designed? It’s spotted all the time in celebrity street style shots, most notably in red and black. Victoria’s Secret Angel and makeup empire maven Miranda Kerr has one in burgundy which she’s often spotted carrying with baby son Flynn on the other arm. Olivia Palermo decided to tote her Sofia Coppola for LV bag with a navy striped top, ripped jeans and Oxford flats. The basic striped T looks great with a flash of red. This is a perfect example of how to add jazz and pizzazz to your outfit using a stylish accessory. And the best accessory is always a well-crafted handbag!


If you like your fashion on the glamorous side, you probably have a thing for Olivia Palermo. The girl is known for her ability to always look put together as if she was coordinated specifically for a magazine editorial. Here she has the Louis Vuitton Sofia Coppola bag in red. She was spotted at the airport in Cannes after days of fancy parties on yatchs.

The weird thing about Olivia is that if you watch her in her reality show The City, she comes across as someone who absolutely hates the fashion industry. The girl was famous for doing anything to get out of having to work, which was strange because she was working at Teen Vogue. The truth is she only likes fashion when it comes to dressing herself. If she has to dress someone else or talk about fashion with lowly commoners, she has a panic attack. Here’s what she wore to Cannes this month.




Olivia Palermo was spotting at a gala looking like a million bucks. Her bright yellow dress is all cocktail party in the front and gown trail in the back. The long/short look isn’t always a hit but it looks pretty good on her, especially because the color’s so fun and and bright. The high-low hemline gown is by designer Katie Ermilio. Her multi-colored shoes are by Jimmy Choo and her clutch is too.

We like that she didn’t try to match the color of her accessories to her dress. The shoes add different hues to the outfit. The bag is a multi-colored animal print which actually looks like jewels from afar. The best part of the clutch is the metallic envelope-shaped lid on top. The metallic belt completes the look by cinching the dress at the waist, petite girls like her have to worry about.


Delvaux Madame PM Shoulder BagOlivia Palermo is always jet-setting between sunny beaches and northern climes for every high-end runway show there is. Time after time, she never fails to hit a home run with each of her looks. Her hair and makeup area always flawless and each ensemble looks flawless yet also effortless. She’s definitely a fashion favorite and for a good reason. 

Her near all-black outfit gets a flash of much-needed red with this Delvaux Madame PM Shoulder Bag. This bag is all about simple, tasteful luxury. It’s less bling and more like a subtle hint at a fashion-forward person who knows how to pick the finer things in life without needing to flaunt them. This bag is available only at high-end stores.  

Givenchy Antigona Tote
It’s really hard to believe that when we get candid paparazzi shots of Olivia Palermo, it’s just her being herself and walking about dressed the way she normally does. That’s right ladies, this is her casual style, not her full-glam for a photoshoot style. What do you pair your incredibly edgy leather pants while keeping the overall look all one theme? 

The only logical answer is a luxurious crocodile leather tote by no brand lesser than Givenchy. This is the Givenchy Antigona Tote in black croc leather. The soft, gray sweater adds a cozy touch to the otherwise intense outfit and the pink floral pumps add a warm feminine accent. This is definitely one of the best ways to carry this well-structured luxury handbag.  

Olivia Palermo


Olivia Palermo is a fashion savant. The American beauty speaks like a typical California girl but surpasses every single one of the reality tv show girls from her past in terms of fashion. Her personal style is the epitome of French style. Her fitted pants, masculine shoes, minimal makeup and navy coat all together paint a picture of true chicness. 

While she’s often spotted with new handbags, she’s not the type to get stuck up on a particular brand because its a status symbol or because she’s paid to promote them. It seems like she just carries whatever she fancies and in this case, it was the Fendi mini Peekaboo bag. While the size looks perfect on her, keep in mind that she’s a tiny thing so if you order it, it may not look like a normal sized handbag on you. One of the funniest scenes from her show, The City, was when she went to Japan and all the petite ladies kept telling her how tiny her face is. Luckily, stoic Olivia just takes it in stride. 

Olivia Palermo

Olivia Palermo. We’re not exactly sure what she does, but we do know she’s a VIP in the fashion industry. Her icy stare and minimal dialogue in The City makes her come across as a mini Anna Wintour, who’s currently on a long run as Editor in Chief of Vogue USA, making her one of, if not the most recognizable faces of fashion. 

Olivia is most often seen carrying two bags – her Birkin and this Givenchy Antigona bag. This appears to be a little less shiny than the actual crocodile leather Antigona, which is far more glossy. This may in fact be the croc-embossed leather version in the medium size. That doesn’t make it look any less elite and elusive. This is one intimidating, fierce bag. 

Olivia Palermo & Miss Dior Sapphire Blue Suede Clutch

Spotted with gorgeous boyfriend in tow at the Django Unchained premiere, Oliva Palermo reminded the world why she’s become such an instantly recognizable fashion icon. In addition to her lithe, petite as can be frame and Audrey Hepburn-like face, the girl pulls off glamorous looks without looking like she’s trying too hard. That’s a very fine balance when you’re also trying on adventurous coats like this one. 

The clutch in question is from the Miss Dior fall 2012 collection and it isn’t the first time Olivia has been spotted at a formal event with it. It has the quilted classic Dior look on bottom and a festive crystal embellishment on top. The clasp has a small but noticeable Dior logo. This is the perfect bag for an event like this. While it’s also available in black, the blue velvet look is far more striking. 


Oliva Palermo And Boyfriend

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