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The Many Bags Of Rihanna

The beautiful Barbadian singer and songwriter, Rhianna, is undeniably one of the most lusted after women in the world. From cute teenager to outrageous young twenty something to a seriously sexy, comfortable in her own skin, woman.

15 Hot Celebs Sporting Their Favorite Louis Vuitton Bags

Louis Vuitton bags are some of the most coveted bags out there.They are unique, different and they have an air of status about them.Every celebrity has at least one LV bag, but we are here to uncover the hottest celebs carrying the hottest Louis Vuitton bags. Buckle up and start to read through this list of celebs that are carrying some of the hottest Louis Vuitton bags on the market today!

Louis Vuitton Damier Ebene Alma BB

As Jessie J sang in the song “Price Tag”, “it’s not all about the money, money, money, we don’t care about the money, money money” it’s safe to say that judging from the photos of Rihanna and her favourite Louis Vuitton bag she doesn’t care about the money either!


This bag got released way back in September of 2014 as part of the LV “Icons and Iconoclasts” collection. A handful of those collab bags really took off with celebs.


While in general we can’t say that Rihanna makes safe fashion choices she has a great love of the Prada brand. Prada seems to fit the songstresses edgy style and also has that perfect way of giving a bit of weight to her outfits. Whether she is toting around the Prada Denim Tote or the Prada Ostrich Tote or her Prada Leather Brief that is sometimes carried by her entourage she knows how to hit the right notes with Prada.

Rihanna Gucci
A couple of days ago,we promised more posts on Gucci’s super trendy hologram clutch. This bag style has inspired similar bags in all the high street stores like Zara and Forever 21. That’s because Blake Lively’s not the only one who looked unforgettable carrying it. Even Rihanna, who normally doesn’t wear glamorous clothes, looked pretty fab carrying the clutch while wearing a matching top. Even with the ripped jeans trend, she looks very chic and sophisticated. 

The Hologram clutch has been around for a while, especially in the silver color. Blake Lively carried the newest form of the bag from the 2013/2014 Resort Collection with a beautiful bronze sheen to match her yellow leather dress. Which color do you prefer? 


Rihanna isn’t often spotted with a bag so enjoy this post as much as you can. On most summer days, all you’ll catch Rihanna wearing is a bikini and a pair of shades on a yatch. Recently, she was invited to the Chanel runway show and her clothing was sent by the fashion house themselves, so it’s no coincidence that she looks so well put together.

We’re still on the fence about whether we like this bag or not. Even though it is Chanel and its size makes it cute and convenient, its design is a little odd. It really depends on whether you like backbacks and baby two-headed dragons when it comes to whether you can dig this bag. The vanity case bag is far more elegant than the mini backpack. 

Rihanna-with-Chanel-Resort-2014-Vanity-Case-Bag-4 (1)

Rihanna The Golden Girl at The Grammys

Rihanna seems to have the golden touch these days. Her songs fly to the top of the chart as soon as their released, her magazine covers sell well and she has made quite the fashion splash recently with bold and daring hairstyles and outfits.

So it seems fitting that she carried a golden Jimmy Choo clutch on the Grammy red carpet, and continued carrying it throughout the course of night.

She held it firmly in her hand as she went to a Grammy party and then took it with her as the night winded down and she grabbed a bite to eat at Giorgio Baldi’s in Santa Monica, CA.

She looked gorgeous on the red carpet as she paired her golden Jimmy Choo clutch with a low cut, high slit silk Armani dress. It showed off her enviable figure and strappy Christian Louboutin stilettos.

Her clutch, the Jimmy Choo Tube Mirror Clutch Bag, in the col or gold, retails for $1150.00. It can be purchased at any Jimmy Choo retailer or on the Jimmy choo website.

Rihanna Caring Gold Jimmy Choo Clutch

Louis Vuitton Mahina XL Sold Out Online! Oh no!!!

Many are shocked to see that is completely sold out of the Infamous Mahina XL bag in all 3 Colors too!

Black, Ivory and Gris Perle are not available for purchase at this time due to high demand of this Over-Sized Perforated Masterpiece!

The Mahina was named after “The Crescents and Phases of The Moon”. I can’t say I am too surprised, after all the Mahina XL is one Shining Star at $4,200.00 Plus Tax if you can get your hands on it!

Madonna shown here is a Die Hard Fan and carries her Mahina XL everywhere as does Cameron Diaz, Rihanna and Claudia Schiffer!

Rihanna With Louis Vuitton Mahina XL

Rihanna's Fendi Summer Street Style

A casually dressed Rihanna looked simply beautiful in New York on Wednesday July 20 2011. Rihanna made her way into a office building for a photo shoot wearing a white blouse, Armani Jeans, nude Christian Louboutin heels and a Fendi Zucca Clutch.

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