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Ladies and gents, this is one extra large order of Bottega Veneta deliciousness that Rosario Dawson is toting around here. Its official name is the Bottega Veneta Large Cabat Tote, and it may or may not be bigger than my apartment. It definitely costs more than a month’s rent, however.

But I don’t want to think about that right now. I also don’t want to think about why she has what appears to be a giant sombrero stuffed in there. I just want to think about how incredibly soft all that intrecciato leather must be, and how much I want to touch it. Or maybe move in to it. I think it’d be big enough. I can start packing today if you have a room for rent in there, Rosario.



Now there’s a purse I haven’t seen before…though it’s definitely familiar. If you look closely at the graphic clutch Rosario Dawson is holding, you can see that it’s emblazoned with Jane Fonda’s notorious mugshot from way back when – you know, the one with the “Klute” haircut and the “fight the power” fist? Rosario was attending an event for the Lower Eastside Girls Club, so maybe she wanted to wear something with a little girl power oomph. So, we know the mugshot. But can you name the designer?

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