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Russell Brand and Katy Perry's Cat travels in Gucci

Russell Brand and wife Katy Perry were spotted leaving their New York hotel yesterday afternoon April 8, 2011.

Russell is carrying their cat in a Gucci Pet Carrier and wearing a black fringed edge Skull Scarf by Alexander McQueen. Katy looks like she is trying to hide behind a pink blanket and is carrying her black Chanel Classic Flap bag.

The two had been in New York to promote Russell’s movies Arthur and HOP.

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Katy Perry out with Russel Brand and Chanel

Katy Perry traded in her Gold Chloe Paddington for a Maxi Quilted Chanel Flap Bag and it looks amazing. This bag is a favorite of Lauren Conrad, Audrina Partidge, and countless more celebritys fashionistas.

Katy Perry,  Russell Brand and a Chloe Paddington

Katy Perry with Russell Brand and a Chloe Paddington

The pair looked like any other smitten couple as they strolled along arm-in-arm in the Grove shopping complex.
They went to see 2012, the new action drama about the end of the world.

Katy seems to be dressed down for the outing except for her gold Chloe Paddington, a bag we haven’t seen in some time.

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