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Snooki looking like a bag lady

She’s famous because she’s so easy to make fun of and she must like it that way… why else would she go out looking like this?

Snooki is cluttered with so many accessories it’s hard to identify them all. We know she’s wearing a Burberry scarf and what looks to be an Ed Hardy sweat suit. Snooki is carrying at least 4 bags; a hello kitty tote, a juicy couture bag and a what looks to be a basket from the wizard of oz… let’s hope she didn’t eat Toto

Nicole "Snooki" From MTV “Jersey Shore”  Poses with Her Coach Purse

Look at that! Snooki of MTV’s smash-hit (why God why?) series “Jersey Shore” knows about more than fake tans and aspiring Amy Winehouse hairdos. The girl also knows her designer handbags! Her she is posing with a Coach monogram purse, though at the rate this show is going she might be upgrading to Chanel soon. Just what Karl Lagerfeld needs.

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