Eva Longoria Loves Her Valentino Dom Bon Bon Handbag Eva Longoria Luv Her Valentino Bon Bon Handbag

Eva Longoria has certainly had a rough go of it lately. First, the show she starred in, “Desperate Housewives,” was cancelled and then she broke up with her yearlong boyfriend, Eduardo Cruz. However, you wouldn’t know it by looking at her. She has looked stunning when photographed twice over the past two weeks. But, even more stunning than Eva is her eye-catching Valentino purse.

Eva Longoria’s pale pink purse is a Valentino, named the Bon Bon Dome Bow Patent bag. It is made out of pink patent leather and features an attention catching bow on the front. It was originally part of the winter 2010 collection and was made in black. It was later re-released in the pale pink color as part of the spring 2011 collection. The bag currently retails for $1295 and is available at Nordstom’s, Saks Fifth Avenue and Valentino boutique stores.

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Eva Longoria Wows With Her Valentino Handbag