Gucci brothers design handbags! Want you to be G

Brothers Guccio and Alessandro Gucci whose great grandfather was the founder of Gucci, are launching their own line of handbags come next spring called “To Be G”.

But they want everyone to know that the brothers Gucci have their own vision and they “are not doing this because our name is Gucci, nor do we want to try and replicate what the Gucci brand is doing.”

We have a hard time believing they’d be trying to do this if they weren’t associated the infamous family. And we’re guessing Guccio’s 12 year work history with the brand coordinating development of product and research of hides didn’t hurt either.

The bags, which sport a lily motif, will be sold for $821 -$8,958 for the totes that are made out of crocodile. And the Gucci brothers are expecting to make bank on their new handbags. They predict revenues over $1 million.

Hope their predictions are right!

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Gucci brothers design handbags! Want you To Be G