Jessica Alba Dior Flap Clutch
Jessica Alba’s style has changed so much over the years. To be honest, we liked it better before. Sure, it’s age appropriate and perfectly suited to a mother of two, but it’s just so boring. And it’s a little too sinister how her style is very “nouveau riche L.A.” a la Rachel Zoe, Nicole Ritchie and Gwyneth Paltrow and the like. She was so much more inspirational when she had the tan Hollywood girl next door thing going on. Blue bikinis, light blue denim and beautiful simplicity. There’s nothing wrong with going for the fashion week look either. She looks great…just not very inspiring. She’s no longer that girl all of America looks up to and says, “Man, I wish I looked like that girl in that movie.” Has she even been any movies recently? The only hot action she’s getting is that very cute Dior Flap Clutch. 

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Jessica Alba Dior Flap Clutch