Kim Kardashian loves her Jimmy Choo's

Love her or hate her, there is no denying, this woman has style. That’s not to say that she has never been caught out, just as a lot of celebrities do from time to time!

Kim Kardashian was spotted leaving a standard grocery store, some say over dressed, the rest of us take our hats off to Kim’s eternal devotion to style. Although, the tiny Jimmy Choo Candy Clutch she was carrying, is great for most occasions may have looked a little out of place with all the plastic bags she was carrying!

Kim’s passion for fashion carries from day to night almost effortlessly, and her love for Jimmy Choo bags is shown by the amount of times she is photographed out with one on her arm. Lets face it she looks fantastic, and really rarely (if ever) fails to match up the perfect outfit for her figure with the perfect handbag.

This entrepreneur is such a fan that she is seen wearing shoes, sunglasses and the handbags by Jimmy Choo more than she is any other designer. Who can blame her?
She wears it well!

Kim Kardashian Jimmy Choo Bags

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Kim Kardashian loves her Jimmy Choo’s!