Things are getting super rocky on the Selena-Justin front. The couple has on again, off again tendencies but lately they’ve been more on than off. Until now. Random nursing student Milyn Jensen has come forward to The Sun, claiming to have had a one night stand with Justin Bieber – the one that resulted in their breakup. 

The vixen was introduced to the young pop star by his best friend and rapper Lil Twist. Lil Twist is a handful of trouble. He recently was accused of assault and battery in the infamous night club brawl that got the entire gang kicked out. Beiber’s manager apparently wants to throw Lil Twist to the curb but Justin has managed to keep his friend leeched on for the moment.

Justin Bieber Scandal
While we wanted to belive Milyn’s attention-grabbing stunt is all lies, here are two reasons it might not be: Justin wasn’t there to support Selena at the Teen Choice Awards last night. The next morning, she was shielding her face with a blanket. Breakdown on the way?



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Milyn Jensen Breaks Up Bieber And Selena!