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While we mere mortals have been scrambling to find coupons and holiday deals (some of us going as far as attempting to shop on the terror that is Black Friday), the wealthy find themselves showered with free wares. That’s the most ironic thing about suddenly hitting it rich. All the things you can now afford, people send you for free. That’s the case with mega popstar Rihanna, who tweeted pics of her early Christmas presents. Some of the year’s trendiest It bags arrived at her door with personalized notes and personalized initials embroidered into them for her. One of them is the tartan Prada Bowler bag and the Versace Medusa bag, both of which are  really big deal. Too bad we can’t all be famous for beauty and popularity, if that’s what it takes to have designers send you free loot!

Rihanna Holiday Gifts

Armani Spring 2013 Runway Satchel

If you’ve ever wondered what princesses look like now that big, puffy Disney-style dresses are no longer de rigeour, take a look at the royals of France and surrounding areas. Not only is Princess Charlotte a legendary beauty, she’s the face of Gucci because the brand felt her image captures the essence of their brand. And Princess Charlotte (pictured above) had one of the grandest royal weddings in recent history. Here she’s holding a rich blue Armani Runway Spring 2013 Satchel. 

The bag has a similar look as the Birkin because of its structured outline but it has more character simply because it’s fresh and different. The two small buckles and midline incision make it stand out and the gold trim makes it super classy. And princesses must always look classy. 

Kate Moss Handbag

Kate Moss is no longer a runway model (aside from her stunning post-Olympics event run with Naomi Campbell and other greats), but she’s still seen sitting front row at shows and other fashion events. What designer wouldn’t to have her present? She’s a living, walking, talking fashion icon. 

After this 2013 Mulberry show, she was the first one spotted carrying the Mulberry Willow tote overnight. Lesser mortals actually have to wait until the season arrives months later and the bags are stocked by stores. Lana del Rey, seated to her left, also received the honor of a Mulberry bag named after her but we like Kate’s bag better. It has a detachable clutch on the front, which is the coolest thing we’ve seen in bags for a while. It’s like a large front pocket but whenever you want, it can be zipped off and held as a clutch. See the picture of Kate on the left? We initially thought she was carrying two Mulberry bags but that’s just the clutch. Pretty neat.


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