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Kourtney Kardashian

Kourtney Kardashian is in between filming for her family’s multiple reality shows. These days the sisters are splitting their time between Miami and Los Angeles. To maintain their high profile and stay in the headlines to keep up show ratings, each of the family members are often spotted decked out in designer regalia from head to toe. Or maybe they just dress this way because they like it, not as a chore. Who knows?

The main attraction in this look is the wild fur coat but since our love is deep for bags, that’s what we’re going to zone in on. This is the Proenza Schouler Pochette bag in camel. The beige color goes really well with her outfit and her coat, but a yellow version of the bag is more lively. The problem with bright statement colors are difficult to accessorize unless you pay attention to every detail of the outfit. 

KK & lamb skin back pack

chanel backpack

Kim Kardashian has no good reason to real reason to be smiling. Her nondescript outfit is spotted on every other girl in airports around the world, many of whom are in better shape. It seems like she doesn’t really care how she looks though – because although she’s done up from head to toe 90% of the time, the rest of the time she just wants to relax in comfy clothes and no makeup. 

The vintage Chanel backpack is an unusual accessory for her to be spotted with because she’s usually sophisticated glam and this is a lot more lighthearted a bag. It’s a true vintage piece so if you wanted this bag, you’d have to search far and wide in upscale vintage shops. Or more likely, she took it from mom Kris Jenner’s expensive 90’s wardrobe. Either way, the gold version of the bag is way more eye-catching. What do you think?


January Jones & Christian Louboutin
A couple of years ago, January Jones became one of America’s biggest TV stars as Betty Draper. Her street style in L.A. is a lot more casual than Betty’s polished 60’s look but this bag is a little bit of a throwback to the style of the era. 

Called the “Farida messenger bag”, this is actually by the famous designer Christian Louboutin. Did you even know he makes noteworthy bags? Neither did we, til now. The simple, minimalist shape lets the deep, striking color be what the bag is all about. If you like understated accessories and have a penchant for statement hues, you’ll love the Farida. 

janet Jackson Balenciaga Bag

There are few siblings in the world that are more famous than the Jackson Five. Known as Michael Jackson’s little sister and a member of that world-wide famous singing group back in the day, Janet’s done okay for herself. While her taste for music has died down, her love of luxury goods seems to be increasing as she spends a lot of time with her fiance and managing director of a luxury merchandiser in the Middle East. 

The bag she’s carrying is the limited edition Balenciaga part-time croc bag. It will set you back 7,500 Euros, which means it costs even more than in dollars. As everyone knows croc isn’t just referring to the look of the bag – it’s actually made from crocodile skin. Imagine how expensive it is to find a place to breed and skin crocodiles! While some people find this inhuman, others chalk it up to sacrifices in the name of beauty and happily fork over the cash to have an elitist piece like this for their own. If you don’t like the idea, you can always find a faux croc bag. As long as you walk with enough confidence, no one has to know the difference.

Olivia Palermo & Miss Dior Sapphire Blue Suede Clutch

Spotted with gorgeous boyfriend in tow at the Django Unchained premiere, Oliva Palermo reminded the world why she’s become such an instantly recognizable fashion icon. In addition to her lithe, petite as can be frame and Audrey Hepburn-like face, the girl pulls off glamorous looks without looking like she’s trying too hard. That’s a very fine balance when you’re also trying on adventurous coats like this one. 

The clutch in question is from the Miss Dior fall 2012 collection and it isn’t the first time Olivia has been spotted at a formal event with it. It has the quilted classic Dior look on bottom and a festive crystal embellishment on top. The clasp has a small but noticeable Dior logo. This is the perfect bag for an event like this. While it’s also available in black, the blue velvet look is far more striking. 


Oliva Palermo And Boyfriend

Klohe Kardashian red bag


The Kardashians keep half the bag lovin’ blogs on the internet in business. By constantly tweeting, instagram-ing pictures and walking around town getting photographed in new bags, they’re make runway looks translate to street style for the rest of us before any other celebs do.

Khloe wore this red Chanel wrap around bag around L.A. At first look, it just appears to be a simple, classic Chanel flap bag but it’s actually the new Chain Around Bag. The metal chain isn’t just in the shoulder straps. Since chained bags have been the hottest in thing in the last few years, it seems the designers saw good cause to add more of it to the bag. Look pretty cute. Do you prefer this or little sister Kylie’s red Celine? 


90’s superstar and F.R.I.E.N.D.S alum Courtney Cox was spotted about town in the sunny land of Los Angeles. The pretty lady was always eclipsed by Rachel, aka Jennifer Aniston back in the day but now Courtney is actually the more successful actress. Her dubiously named comedy series Cougar Town is a legit cult hit while every film Jen has been in for the last ten years has been a total flop. 

No longer a bright young thang, Courtney seems very relaxed in her skin, cougar-ish as it may be. Maybe that explains why her Chanel handbag is so mussed and tired looking? For a second there we thought her classic Chanel flap bag was a less expensive replica but there’s no doubt that the woman can definitely afford to splash down several grand for a designer bag. Maybe she just likes her chain bags to look worn in and less prissy. Jane Birkin, for whom the notorious Birkin bag was named after loved letting her namesake bags get completely worn out by throwing all kinds of junk in there and letting her cats sleep on them before even thinking about getting a new one. 

Jessica Alba Chloe Alice tote bag

Jessica Alba doesn’t actively pursue the limelight. Never having been known as a hard partier, she married quite young and soon had two children. Now know more for being a celebrity mother than anything else, her sex icon and blockbuster actress days seem to be behind her. Since she’s still got the glam factor and lives in Hollywood, the press she gets is sufficient to keep her a style icon women can try to emulate. 

She was seen on numerous occasions toting this Celine bag. While Jess keeps her outfits casual most of the time, she does have a penchant for bags and is seen with all kinds of designer pieces. This Chloe Alice tote is one of those that are best when clutched or held in the crook of the arm. As seen from the small size of the handles, this isn’t the kind of bag one can simply hang over the shoulder and relax. It demands high maintenance but from the looks of it, it’s worth it.  

A-List Celebs with the Alexander Wang Rocco Duffel Bag

This gorgeous Eye Popping Alexander Wang “Rocco” Bag was first seen spotted on none other than the Self Proclaimed Handbag Queen Mary-Kate Olson back in 2009 and all of Hollywood didn’t have a clue as to who the designer of this lush Pebbled Leather Duffle with 5 Huge Golden Brass Rows of Spike Studs covering the complete bottom of the handbag until it was finally revealed that the Designer was Alexander Wang.

Everyone from Top A-list Celebs such as Kate Bosworth, Hillary Duff, Ashley Tisdale, Rihanna, Nicky Hilton and Vanessa Minillo just to name a few as well as handbag lovers worldwide were on a Huge waiting list for this Classic and Iconic yet Edgy Duffel style Bag that still seems to be the latest handbag obsession!

It has been seen on numerous Red Carpet Events and is the perfect size bag for everyday.

This Bag gives even the simplest outfit a bit of an edge with its gold studding detail.


A-List Celebs Hitting the Streets with the Alexander Wang Bag

No wonder the bag is still hot in Production 3 years and going strong! Retailing at 875.00 at is a definite must have and the price isn’t so bad considering it would still be a Top seller if it Retailed for much more in my opinion!

It comes in several colors and two sizes! If the 875.00 Price Tag will Break the Bank You can also get this exact Inspired beauty from for only 149.00 and solid Pebbled Leather too!

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