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Nicole Kidman
You can add A list actress and celebrity Nicole Kidman to the long list of fabulous and wealthy people who swear by Celin wen it comes to traveling. She was spotted at LAX after arriving from Cannes, France with the Celine ‘Lizard’ Beige and Black Mini Luggage bag from the Fall 2013  range. The bag is quite unique because the exotic reptilian leather finish is not exclusive to the exterior. The interior is lined with it as well, making the bag’s price several times more expensive than a classic leather bag of the same style. This is a style only an A lister like Nicole can afford to brandish over her arm.



Jennifer Garner’s Givenchy Lucrezia bag looks surprisingly similar to the Louis Vuitton Sofia Coppola bag. The short straps and duffle shape make it look similar but the two vertical lines on the exterior of the Givenchy version are slimmer. The beige color makes it convenient for the soccer mom to tote it around with any outfit.

The Hollywood A lister doesn’t seem to care about designer labels, judging from her other outfits. Not only does she prefer to stay comfortable, she also doesn’t get followed by as many paparazzi if she’s not always done up like an Ecclestone or a Kardashian each time she steps out. Less to report on means less stalkers. Good for her.

Valentino Tonal Leather Filigree Tote

This here is the Valentino Tonal Leather Filigree Tote and the only celeb who’s been spotted carrying it is the beautiful Jessica Alba. The white tote is large, big enough to stuff with all kinds of things busy moms with two kids could need at any point in the day. Jessica clearly needs the extra help the bag provides but her celeb status means she has to look good for the inevitable hordes of paparazzi awaiting her wherever she goes. 

This bag is highly useful yet super stylish. White translates into pristine. The color is a symbol of authority and wealth. (Point to be noted: this may not ring true if you don’t keep it clean!) If the bag wasn’t enough to impress you, get a load of the chubby cheeks on Jessica’s baby daughter. Who knew she’d have a redhead? 

Givenchy Embossed Nightingale Bag

Sorry for the cheesy headline. It’s rare to see Glee star Lea Michelle on the streets of L.A. and New York as often as we see other famous celebs. While her star is rising, she’s not a permanent fixture in the fashion world. In fact, that’s something we like about her. Far from obsessed with traditional beauty and trends, the star has refused to get a nose job, preferring to keep her own and citing Barbara Streisand as an idol.

The tote is not quite an original find however, and has and been spotted on the arm of many a fashionista, actress and model. This Givenchy Nightingale tote has also been spotted most often on the arm of the drop dead gorgeous model Rosie Huntington Whitely. Made of embossed crocodile leather, this bag is fierce even while maintaining its classic, elegant look. There’s a superfab metal logo on all four sides and the slouchy leather of the bag makes it comfortable and easy to carry, unlike some of the stiffer Birkin and Prada bag styles.

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