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50 Shades
People are more excited about the upcoming 50 Shades flick than they are about their own birthdays! And who can blame them with how good looking the two leading roles are. Even though they’ve barely started filming the movie, they are slowly releasing “character portraits” to keep people excited about the couple. Since a lot of fans were also disappointed with the casting, these pics are also supposed to get them to come around. 

The two stars talked about how comfortable they are with the sexuality of the love story and filming the extremely racy scenes! That’s a job requirement that was known to all way before auditions! Former model Jamie Dornan says he’s not going to bulk up for the role but Dakota Johnson says she’s started working out so much she’s learned to enjoy it. Sounds like there’s not going to be much to the film besides two really good looking people getting down.  

50 Shades


When we heard that Jamie Dornan was joining 50 Shades of Grey, we thought it sounded too good to be true. After all, Charlie Hunnam joined the cast only to drop out just days later. While Hunnam wasn’t a bad choice, Dornan will get more hearts racing. He’s a great actor, which anyone who’s seen Once Upon a Time, Marie Antoinette or The Fall will attest to. He’s also one of the best looking men on the planet. He is the highest earning male model of all time. He’s ridiculously good looking and he’s talented. If you still think it sounds too good to be true, check out a sneak peak of the couple’s first photoshoot to promote the film. Jamie’s about to become Hollywood’s new Leonardo or Robert Pattinson. 

fifty shades

If you were running to catch a flight in one of the most celeb-infested airports of the world, a person trying to hide their face with a big hat and sunglasses is the first one you’d suspect is famous, right? This look at me, don’t look at me vibe which celebrities follow is quite intriguing. 

Even with seemingly makeup free face, Eva Longoria is instantly recognizable. After many seasons on Desperate Housewives, we’d know that pint-sized fashionista anywhere. Being a Hollywood celeb, her idea of “casual wear” is out idea of dressed up. The bag she’s carrying is the Celine Bicolored Vertical Cabas Bag. 

Celine’s small and chic shoulder bags were the first to appear all over the fashion scene, then the Phantom totes. This one isn’t as popular yet, making it a more unique option for those who love to have an item or fashion accessory which everyone else doesn’t already. The salmon and orange color blocking against a white outfit and camel colored accessories really make it pop out and look fresh. The tote shape of the bag make it perfect for carrying for travel, for long day excursion or relaxing at the beach. Would you carry this bag? Let us know in the comments below!

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