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Ariana Grande Chanel at The White House
Anyone who listens to any kind top hits music, whether it’s on Youtube, iTunes, the radio or Spotify will have heard of Ariana Grande by now. She’s the first Nickelodeon star whose fame is reaching the heights of former Disney stars. Her song “Problem” with Iggy Azalea is already one of summer’s biggest hits, having been in the top spot for weeks. Her collaboration with Iggy means she’s aiming for a more mature audience than the usual pre-teens of Nickelodeon. That also means that in the next couple of years, you’ll see her style transform rapidly as her fan base grows along with her fame and bank balance. 

For now, she’s still phase pop stars go through when try to break away from a younger audience to a wider one closer to their own age. That means a cutesty violet dress but bedroom hair and go-go boots. It’s expected to see many such combinations of innocence and sex appeal in her outfits while she still draws the line between youthful sweetness and more mature charisma. Her Chanel bag looks really cute on her shoulder, maybe because the sweater is so massive and fluffy that it makes the mini bag look even more miniature. Either way, her outfit reminds us of the retro look Kirsten Dunst and Michele Williams had in their popular 90’s movie about going to the White House. 

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Ariana Grande
Ariana Grande has one of those faces that make her look like a seventeen year old well into her twenties. Lucky for her, the kind of TV shows she does require her to look like a teenager. But unluckily, Disney also needed her to be a redhead. She recently confessed that her hair is almost always in a pony tail because she has very little natural hair left and the rest is either wigs or extensions. The reason her hair was so catastrophically damaged was because the hair and makeup team at Disney would force her to bleach her naturally brown hair and dye it red every two weeks! Now it’s extremely brittle and she never goes out without extensions so she asked her critics to back off and stop criticizing her ponytail because she doesn’t love it either.  

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