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Armani Spring 2013 Runway Satchel

If you’ve ever wondered what princesses look like now that big, puffy Disney-style dresses are no longer de rigeour, take a look at the royals of France and surrounding areas. Not only is Princess Charlotte a legendary beauty, she’s the face of Gucci because the brand felt her image captures the essence of their brand. And Princess Charlotte (pictured above) had one of the grandest royal weddings in recent history. Here she’s holding a rich blue Armani Runway Spring 2013 Satchel. 

The bag has a similar look as the Birkin because of its structured outline but it has more character simply because it’s fresh and different. The two small buckles and midline incision make it stand out and the gold trim makes it super classy. And princesses must always look classy. 

Rihanna The Golden Girl at The Grammys

Rihanna seems to have the golden touch these days. Her songs fly to the top of the chart as soon as their released, her magazine covers sell well and she has made quite the fashion splash recently with bold and daring hairstyles and outfits.

So it seems fitting that she carried a golden Jimmy Choo clutch on the Grammy red carpet, and continued carrying it throughout the course of night.

She held it firmly in her hand as she went to a Grammy party and then took it with her as the night winded down and she grabbed a bite to eat at Giorgio Baldi’s in Santa Monica, CA.

She looked gorgeous on the red carpet as she paired her golden Jimmy Choo clutch with a low cut, high slit silk Armani dress. It showed off her enviable figure and strappy Christian Louboutin stilettos.

Her clutch, the Jimmy Choo Tube Mirror Clutch Bag, in the col or gold, retails for $1150.00. It can be purchased at any Jimmy Choo retailer or on the Jimmy choo website.

Rihanna Caring Gold Jimmy Choo Clutch

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