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Cara Fendi Be Baguette Bag
For the last few weeks, various fashion weeks have been taking place around the world. Whenever this time of year comes around, you can be sure to see models, actors and anyone who’s anyone in the fashion biz dressed to the 9’s. Even Cara Delvigne, who dresses somewhat sloppily on her downtime (overalls, tanks and tennis shoes) made the effort to look like a lady. She looked downright glam with this Fendi Be Baguette. 

The original Fendi Baguette was made popular by Sarah Jessica Parker’s character Carrie on Sex And The City in the late 90’s and early 00’s. The original version was smaller and slimmer as well. The updated version is more in sync with current trends. The solid, symmetrical shape and bold color are just right for 2013.  


Soon to be a yummy mummy of Beverly Hills, Petra Ecclestone was spotted leaving Madeo’s in Beverly Hills. Spending time shopping with her mother, she was carrying a very recently released “Celine Whipsnake White Box Bag”. “Whipsnake” is one of the more recent editions of this fab glam Celine bag.

The pattern of the exotic leather is appears to be small snakeskin zig zags on the exterior. The monochromatic color is black and white, making it look very classic yet rogue.  The gold hardware is a beautiful touch. Billionaire heiress and Hollywood famous-for-being-rich girl Petra carries her bag as a clutch although it comes with long straps, allowing you to wear it as a cross-body bag or as a shoulder bag. We know the blonde fashion goddess would never hold a bag so casually as to sling it over herself as a cross-body bag. After all, this petite young woman lives in a 100 million dollar home. Here’s to keeping it super fancy at all times.


We never tire of seeing Victoria’s Secret models out and about in the world just because they show us what physical perfection combined with effortless style can look like. Sometimes it’s hard to believe they’re even real when they’re on stage, but when they’re snapped in casual outfits, we can believe they’re naturally attractive women who just work really, really hard on their fitness. 

Luckily, we have pictures of Alessandra Ambrosio, one of the more seasoned VS models now that there are so many new faces in the brand, shopping in NY soon after the show. She seems so relaxed carrying this very stylish bag with sleek lines and clean cuts. That and the color blocking means one thing – it’s easily recognizable as a Celine bag!

Sure enough, it’s the Celine Trapeze bag. The one pictures here has white wings, a black suede flap and a khaki bottom. The colors complement her outfit perfectly and even make her hair highlights stand out stand out. The woman has got it goin’ on from head to toe.

Michelle Tratchenberg looks like a sprightly 21 year old girl. Truth is, she’s youthful but has been around for a while. A teen star in flop films like Inspector Gadget, she is most well known for playing the younger sister in the cult favorite Buffy series and as the “one of the guys” girl friend in Eurotrip. 

These days Michelle has just wrapped with Gossip Girl shooting and we’ve become accustomed to seeing her out and about on the town (NYC) dressed similar to her GG character, mean girl Georgina. When Georgina first showed up on the series, it was utterly delicious to see her in dark colors and luxe looking leather skinny jeans while the other characters were either dressing like over the top schoolgirls or as sparkly party princesses. 

Here she carries a maroon leather bag by Tory Burch. Tory Burch is a known designer whose fame has skyrocketed in recent years because of her riche looking logo, well contrasting color combinations, interesting store bags and decor. Every girl wants a pair of Tory Burch sandals or TB handbag just to have a pop of color with a cute logo to wear. The funny thing is, Tory has also made a cameo appearance as herself on the TV series Michelle appears on (Gossip Girl) during an episode revolving around New York Fashion Week.

This burgundy leather bag is the kind that can add that color to a dark outfit and keep it from looking too “gothic.” The top handles also make it convenient to carry when you don’t want to shoulder strap it. While Michelle still dresses more like her TV character, we’re happy to hear her real life persona is a lot more amiable!

Emmy Rossum is a favorite actress of many. Whether you saw her on Disney’s movie Genius, The Phantom of the Opera or whether you started to love her talent when Shameless premiered, the girl has definitely set herself apart. 
She’s not the type to go out just for the photo ops so we usually get a glimpse of her  when she’s on HBO’s lot shooting for the show. Most of the time she dresses very casually but on this particular day, she opted for a floral, girly dress and an adorable rose colored Diorissimo bag by Dior. 

It’s from Spring 2012 but it looks super fresh since it’s not quilted like most Dior bags – giving an updated look that’s more suitable for younger women. It’s made with gorgeous calfskin leather and that combined with the soft color of the bag makes it look so luxurious and touchable. Want!



Pretty girl and brilliant Hollywood actress Mila Kunis was spotted jet setting through LAX lately with a Chanel Mademoiselle Maxi bag. After a brief stint as a Dior cover girl, the stunner is free of her contract and can now sport any label she chooses. So it’s no wonder she picked this sleek carry-all bag.

This Chanel handbag allows  even an A-list celeb to dress down in their oldest jeans and a bargain top from Old Navy and still manage to look chic. Carrying a style statement like this detracts from the rest of the outfit. It’s like saying “Hey, I didn’t need to make an effort to dress up head to toe. I still have style. See me rock this bag!”

Anyhoo, it’s all too clear that a girl like Mila doesn’t need to worry about reminding people she has style but it never hurts. It especially doesn’t hurt to carry a piece that looks good and still manages to carry all your airport things – hairbrush, face lotion for dealing with intensely dry airplane air, an iPad, maybe even a small dog! What are you more jealous of – Mila’s current squeeze (Ashton Kutcher) or this stylish black Chanel bag?

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