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Kendall Jenner is quickly growing up to be one of the world’s most recognizable models. The funny thing is, she’s not recognizable due to her modeling work, she’s recognizable for being a model while being a Kardashian. Either way, it may balance out pretty soon because the who’s who of the entire fashion world was at sister Kim’s wedding. Kendall’s Instagram style has morphed along with her newfound fame. Instead of doing basic poses, the photos she tweeted out of herself at the wedding were the likes of what you’d see in Vanity Fair, plus a filter. If you had any doubts, she’s currently in Vogue Italia. Her rapidly rising star is one of the reasons why she’s gone from having just one designer bag (the Celine) to all kinds. This one’s the Balenciaga City bag, which has been spotted on celeb arms well before Kendall was even on a TV show. 

Nicole Ritchie

Nicole Ritchie was spotted out and about in Los Angeles in head to toe designer duds. A decade after her reality show with Paris Hilton, we’re all still painfully aware this city girl does not like living “The Simple Life.” Her hot yellow motorcycle jacket is Balenciaga, her sunglasses are Celine and her her shoes are Nike. And that’s just the stuff we recognize. No doubt her yoga pants are some trendy new label regular earthlings aren’t even aware of yet.

The bag she’s carrying is also Balenciaga – the Balenciaga City bag. The one good thing about seeing her carrying it is the fact that she’s been spotted with it so many times over the years. Just goes to show that when a bag is a classic like this one, it doesn’t matter how many seasons have passed – it’s just as trendy as ever and there’s no shame is wearing it til it’s all worn out!

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