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eva mendes
Here’s a post ladies will love. Not only are we showcasing Eva Mendez’s love for her Carolina Herrera Matryoshka bag, we’re also providing you with priceless photos of her walking boyfriend Ryan Gosling’s dog. And also pictures of Ryan with said dog. We’re not even sure which is cuter – Ryan or his pup, which he’s had since he still had a baby face of his own (pic on the right).

Eva loves this Carolina Herrera bag so much that she’s been spotted carrying it dozens of times. We’re pretty sure it has something to do with its large, convenient size, flexible shape and also the beige color that allows her to grab it no matter which color or print outfit she’s wearing.  The mystery is – whose dog is she walking here?

ryan gosling

Cameron Diaz's Chanel Cerf Tote
Cameron Diaz has been a pretty busy lady lately. For those of you wondering why you haven’t seen her in a film, it’s because she’s been busy creating and being a part of her newest flick “The Other Woman.” The cast is huge and even includes funny lady Leslie Mann and newcomer celebumodel Kate Upton. To get a break from filming, Cameron jetted off on a luxury holiday with pal Gwyneth Paltrow. On the flight back to New York, she was spotted with the Chanel Cerf bag in beige. This bag is a celeb fave. Lady Gaga’s been spotted with a black one and reality star Kyle Richardson has one in the same color as Cameron. 

hilary rhoda


marc jacobs

 Supermodel Hilary Rhoda was spotted at a red carpet event with this Marc Jacobs chain bag. It looks very casual but by tucking away the strap, she made it look like a clutch. The beige color is quite convenient because even though you can tell the bag is upscale, it doesn’t draw attention away from the look. Whether your bag is extremely eye-catching or just really unattractive, either way, it detracts from the look. 
The exact name is the Eugenie Quilted Leather Clutch but it can double as an over the shoulder bag. Marc Jacobs’ brand is known for his modern, simple designs. Unfortunately, he was in the headlines recently because famous model Coco Rocha slammed him for not paying runway models. Apparently, models get paid not with cash but with a few clothing or accessory freebies. Would you be willing to get paid in designer labels? 

eva mendes

Eva And Ryan
Eva Mendes recently appeared in the indie flick The Place Beyond The Pines co-starring along Ryan Gosling. The couple met on the set of the movie and have been together since, kinda like a younger Brad Pitt – Angelina Jolie coupling minus the Jen Aniston. He gets the Brad Pitt reference because there’s no guy who’s sent as many female hearts-a-fluttering since and Eva can be Angelina in this scenario because of her smoldering good looks.

Both have a penchant for smaller, independent films rather than big blockbusters. However, that hasn’t diminished their fan base any. They seem to have fallen for each other pretty hard, with Eva frequently seen walking the dog Ryan’s had since what seem to be his Notebook Days.  Not only was she seen walking his dog, she was seen doing it while wearing the Matryoshka bag by Carolina Herrera. The bag comes in so many different sizes that it was named after the Russian dolls that contain a series of smaller dolls inside. We’ve seen a leopard print version of the bag on Dianna Agron and Kate Moss. Frankly, that version is more stylish. Scroll to older posts to take a look.

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