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Jennifer Garner’s Givenchy Lucrezia bag looks surprisingly similar to the Louis Vuitton Sofia Coppola bag. The short straps and duffle shape make it look similar but the two vertical lines on the exterior of the Givenchy version are slimmer. The beige color makes it convenient for the soccer mom to tote it around with any outfit.

The Hollywood A lister doesn’t seem to care about designer labels, judging from her other outfits. Not only does she prefer to stay comfortable, she also doesn’t get followed by as many paparazzi if she’s not always done up like an Ecclestone or a Kardashian each time she steps out. Less to report on means less stalkers. Good for her.


There’s a reason why one of the characters from the Ben Affleck and Jennifer Lopez flick Gigli kept asking to go see “Baywatch” at the beach. The classic hit show is a staple of early 90’s pop culture. That’s why people still know who Pamela Anderson is even though she hasn’t been in a film for ages. Apparently she’s doing well and is fit and healthy in spite of her Hep C diagnosis.

And in spite of being out of work, she’s doing well enough to afford a extravagantly expensive Hermes Birkin handbag. Not to snark, but it actually does help make her look less bleach blonde and more Hollywood. That may be why she’s holding it in front of herself…to flaunt it more.

Givenchy ‘Tejus’ Python Embossed Antigona bag

Jennifer Garner must be one happy woman. Her husband’s film Argo just won an Oscar, she has three beautiful kids in one of Hollywood’s happiest-seeming marriages and she has an amazing handbag collection. She’s often spotted with her adorable kids in tow around town. Since she has to run after them, the outfits she wears are very casual. Luckily, her bags are free to be as fashionable as she wants. 

Since many designers make oversized totes, it’s easy for her to carry something which looks drop dread gorgeous but brings high utility as well. This is the Givenchy Antigonia in Python. The blue color and the python print together make it look so expensive and stylish. Throwing a bag like this over your shoulder is such a quick and easy way to look like Hollywood royalty. 

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