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These paparazzi photos of Kim Kardashian at the airport give you a mild idea of what life is like for her on a daily basis. 90’s pop star from 98 Degrees told GQ Magazine lately that Kim got her first taste of fame by using him. After he asked her out on a date to the movies, he noticed a horde of paparazzi showed up by the time they were leaving. Although he didn’t say it flat out, he implied that no one was there when they showed up, but that Kim must have tipped them off while they were inside because they were waiting for photos when the couple got ready to leave. After that, all the gossip mags wanted to know who Kim was. Imagine how any girl seen talking to Justin Bieber gets all kinds of press coverage for a few days. Kim harnessed that publicity and made it grow into a gigantic TV, beauty product, clothing line – everything you can sell – industry. Is she a genius or did it all fall into her lap? You decide.

Celine Bag

We’ve been wondering why we haven’t been seeing more famous ladies carrying the gorgeous gold Celine Box Bag. While most of you are probably familiar with Celine’s other outrageously popular styles like the Celine Luggage Tote and the Celine Phantom bag, the brand isn’t the type to keep the same exact style for a decade at a time like other brands. Those who can afford to buy all the designer bags they want like collecting pieces that aren’t being spotted everywhere. This beauty has the added allure of being one of those elusive bags. It’s sleek and the long strap makes it easy to carry for short excursions. 


Kyle Richard's Silver Chanel Flap Bag

Kyle Richards is one of the most well-known Real Housewives of Beverly Hills. She’s the sister of Kathy Hilton, making her the first aunt of Nicky And Paris Hilton. She’s younger than her sister and chooses to spend time partying with her nieces instead, when she’s not busy filming for her wildly popular reality series. Her daughter is also close friends (and cousin) to the Hilton siblings. 

Kyle has often been spotted shopping or walking with her Chanel handbags. One of her favorites is the silver Jumbo Flap Bag. This style is very easy to carry over the shoulder and it’s roomy enough to hold your things. Kyle likes to keep her neutral colored bags for casual outings and opts for the metallic one for wild nights out. 

Her style certainly has changed over the years. Here’s a glimpse into the former child star’s dramatic makeover: 

kyle richards dramatic transformation

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