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Celebrities favorite Hermes Birkin Bags

Did you know that to claim celebrity status there are several things you must do and several initiation tasks you must complete in order to be credible as A list celeb? One of those tasks is to pass the Hermes gate keeper and bag yourself a Birkin!

Binky Felstead, one of the rich kids from the famed UK reality series Made in Chelsea was spotted boosting her fame status on a red carpet recently. She chose an orange Hermes Birkin to garner paparazzi attention at the event. This handbag style hasn’t gone out of style in decades. While every now and then, its popularity receives a boost, it has never gone “out” of style.

It’s available in so many colors but for some reason, the orange Birkin is like a starter bag for fashionistas trying to get their hands on this trend. Either it’s more affordable or more easily available – there’s got to be a reason why this color is often a girl’s first Birkin instead of the more classic black. It’s possibly the waiting list for this one is shorter. That’s right – the Birkins have a notorious waiting list. After all, actually securing one is just as status-altering as a membership in an exclusive club. 


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