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If there’s anyone who can find something gorgeous yet simple to wear when it’s over 90 degrees and insanely humid in New York, it’s Miranda Kerr. She’s on the fast track to becoming one of the most successful models on the planet, right after Gisele Bundchen, who makes over $128,000 a DAY. Being born with good genes is called winning the genetic lottery maybe because it IS like winning the lottery. That’s how these fancy ladies afford expensive bags like this Hermes Birkin, which STARTS at $10,000 and requires months of being on a waiting list before you can fork out the cash. Talk about being blessed (fashion-wise, at least!)

Taylor Swift Dolce & Gabbana Sara Pebbled Bag
Just because Valentine’s day is over doesn’t mean you can’t wear red. In fact, bust out that red lipstick while the weather’s still freezing. There’s no better time to wear hot reds than when it’s cold outside. The burst of fire on your lips makes you look like someone who’s fun to cozy up with. It doesn’t get very cold in L.A. but that didn’t stop Taylor from stepping out wearing a red sweater (and yes, it comes tattered that way!) Her casual look was topped off with a casual but very grown up bag, the Dolce And Gabbana Sara Pebbled bag. It’s a no-fuss bag with a single gold clasp on top for ladies who hate the thought of their stuff falling out if they throw their bag around.

Olivia Palermo


Olivia Palermo is a fashion savant. The American beauty speaks like a typical California girl but surpasses every single one of the reality tv show girls from her past in terms of fashion. Her personal style is the epitome of French style. Her fitted pants, masculine shoes, minimal makeup and navy coat all together paint a picture of true chicness. 

While she’s often spotted with new handbags, she’s not the type to get stuck up on a particular brand because its a status symbol or because she’s paid to promote them. It seems like she just carries whatever she fancies and in this case, it was the Fendi mini Peekaboo bag. While the size looks perfect on her, keep in mind that she’s a tiny thing so if you order it, it may not look like a normal sized handbag on you. One of the funniest scenes from her show, The City, was when she went to Japan and all the petite ladies kept telling her how tiny her face is. Luckily, stoic Olivia just takes it in stride. 

Megan Fox and Her Givenchy Lucrezia bag

Megan Fox, named the Hottest Woman in the World by too many magazines to list, is one of the most fashionable celebrities in Hollywood. Her movies, “Jennifer’s Body”, “Transformers”, and “This is 40”, were huge blockbusters. If not for the screenwriting and acting, just because we all love to look at her. Pictured above is the foxy Fox at LAX airport wearing a simple ensemble, carrying a Givenchy Lucrezia Bag.

We’ve seen the bag with other celebrities like Charlize Theron in different colors. Fox is holding a black on black Lucrezia bag. The bag itself is made out of linen, but the bottom is lined with leather, and there are other leather accents. The size and durability make it perfect for any occasion, including traveling. Pair your Givenchy Lucrezia tote with a simple outfit, and killer heels.

Ashley Greene Chanel Bag

Ashley Greene plays Alice Cullen in one of the most popular movies of the past decade – Twilight. Sometimes it’s hard to believe this sophisticated young lady is in the same film as Kristen Stewart. Ashley seems so comfortable slipping into chic ensembles – as if she was born to be glamorous.

Here she is, toting the newest bag from Chanel, the Chanel CC Crown Tote bag. Available in white, black and gold, she carries a classic black version which can be used again and again without going out of style or looking worn out. The thick brassy chain is part of the new trend of visible, edgy hardware.  The sturdy base is what makes it look truly luxe instead of a mass produced bag. The CC logo makes us want one too!

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