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Miranda Kerr Valentino
Miranda Kerr’s split from Orlando Bloom certainly hasn’t kept the model from looking her usual best so it’s no surprise the polar vortex hasn’t phased her either. While the rest of New York is bundled up and still shivering, Miranda is traipsing around town dressed like it’s toasty fall weather. No hat, no gloves, no problem!

Maybe her excitement over the new Valentino Lock Shoulder bag is keeping her too buzzed to feel the chill. Who are we kidding, she has too many hot designer bags to go gaga over one. This one is very similar to the Valentino Rockstar Tote but it has just one row of the trademark Valentino rockstar studs. It’s a little more somber because of that but even with minimal studs, this black leather number is still very much rock and roll. Would you buy in? 

Olivia Wilde
Olivia Wilde is known mostly for her role as Dr. Thirteen on House M.D. and a string of well-received indie hits. (We’re still trying to wipe her O.C. days from memory.) She’s also known for being a healthy vegan eater and has her slim trim bod to show for it. Or maybe she’s just genetically well-endowed. Either way, you’d never guess she’s several months pregnant just by looking at these candid photos. She most likely won’t show til the very end, at which point she’ll go into hiding with fiance and fellow funny man actor Jason Sudeikis. Until then, she’ll continue to wow us with her fashion prowess, which on this day included flaunting this simple yet stylish black leather Miu Miu purse. 

Gisele Bundchen
When Gisele Bundchen married Tom Brady, everyone knew they would make beautiful babies as they are both two of the world’s most beautiful people. Even after having had several children, it’s amazing how flawless Gisele looks. Not only are her iconic long legs are slender as ever, her enviable voluminous hair is a thing of wonder. That’s the kind of hair women take a photo of to the hair salon and say, “That. I want THAT.”

It’s too bad her entire look is so hard to copy. That’s why she’s the world’s highest earning model even in semi-retirement. And even though she looks casually dressed, that’s a luxury designer bag on her her. The Givenchy Lucrezia, which is very similar to the Givenchy Nightingale. It’s a little more casual because of the almost bowling bag asymmetrical shape but it’s still stunning. Just like her.

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