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Miley Cyrus With A Versace Tote

Oh Miley, finally you’re wearing something other than a crop top and high waisted shorts. This former Disney Queen made herself a household name early after her hit TV show Hannah Montana took off. She then became involved in various controversies to which she replied “I can’t be tamed” in song. We do not like her usual style at all! Its like the girl has hundreds of millions but no personal stylist!

In the picture above Miley Cyrus is carrying a Versace signature tote with a black and white outfit. The tote is very simple, elegant, and clean cut. It goes great with her edgy look and keeps it classy. This Versace tote retails for about $2,500. We think that even though Miley rarely hits the right notes with her fashion sense, you should follow her lead on this one. Color blocking, whether with black and white or bright colors is definitely the way to go with a plain bag as the Versace signature tote.

KK & lamb skin back pack

chanel backpack

Kim Kardashian has no good reason to real reason to be smiling. Her nondescript outfit is spotted on every other girl in airports around the world, many of whom are in better shape. It seems like she doesn’t really care how she looks though – because although she’s done up from head to toe 90% of the time, the rest of the time she just wants to relax in comfy clothes and no makeup. 

The vintage Chanel backpack is an unusual accessory for her to be spotted with because she’s usually sophisticated glam and this is a lot more lighthearted a bag. It’s a true vintage piece so if you wanted this bag, you’d have to search far and wide in upscale vintage shops. Or more likely, she took it from mom Kris Jenner’s expensive 90’s wardrobe. Either way, the gold version of the bag is way more eye-catching. What do you think?


the Givenchy Croc Embossed Antigona bag

Olivia Palermo was spotted with this gorgeous croc leather Givenchy Antigonia bag. While it’s been spotted on the arm of a fashionista or two or more, this fashion icon knows how to carry it best. Down to the metallic buttons on her jacket, her accessories and outfit look like they were made to complement the bag. 

Everyone knows croc leather is one, if not the most luxurious types of bag materials so the first impression the bag makes is: wow, that girls owns some stylish, expensive stuff. The second impression it gives the onlooker is that the lady with the bag has a classic style because of the old-school Hollywood glam look of the bag. The top handles make it easy to clutch while looking trendy as ever.

Nicky Hilton Celine Trapeze bag

Nicky Hilton’s Celine Trapeze bag is such utter perfection that if we had to pick only one black bag to ever have, this one may just have to be it. The clean cut surface on the front with the whimsical flaps protruding on the sides make it classic and elegantly quirky. It’s the type of bag that’s never going to look out of style. 

The metal clasp in the front is the cherry on top for this bag. The lack of frills, trims and complementing colors means this bag was designed so well that it can carry its own without having to call for backup. Our New Year’s resolution is to get our hands on this baby, how about you?

December Code

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Speaking of, here are some pictures of Victoria’s Secret angel and wife of Kings of Leon rockstar Lily Aldridge. Pretty Lilly is carrying a Celine tote. If her leather leggings, black heels and bright yellow top weren’t hot enough, Lily added the gorgeous tote to take the look to supermodella levels. This is the Celine Black Croc Phantom Bag to be exact. |

Lily Aldridge 

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