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When celebrities have been in the clutches of fame for too long, they stop trying to look good all the time. They reserve that level of effort for red carpet events and front cover photo shoots. But when they’re trying to boost their level of fame and success, they make sure to look good 24/7. When you’re a model trying to break into Hollywood, the pressure is extremely intense. You can’t just look pretty, you have to look like the prettiest girl in the world. That could be why English model Rosie Huntington Whiteley has such impeccable style whenever she’s spotted out in public. 

She was most recently seen hopping into LAX carrying this Givenchy Antigona bag. This has been quite an It bag for a lot of celebs. Nicole Ritchie has one she loves as does Ashley Tisdale. This one is very chic and subtle in an olive green color. Rosie seems proud of her beautiful bag by the way she displays it in the crook of her arm. Even though the rest of her outfit is pretty casual, she looks like an A lister because of her perfectly coiffed hair and makeup.  

Rosie Huntington Whitely

One of the best things about being a supermodel is the ability to look good even if you just rolled out of bed with messy hair, are dressed in a white tank and nondescript yoga pants. And if you actually make even the smallest ounce of effort to look good by blow drying your hair, picking out a cute outfit and carrying a designer bag, you look like you’re walking around in a 3-D version of Vogue. Lucky Rosie. The girl is flawless.

This is the Givenchy Stamped Croc Nightingale bag.  The suede motorcycle jacket she paired it with goes great with the short booties and skinny jeans.  This is actually the smallest size available in this style, so if you’re a “I love carrying my life in my bag” kind of girl, you can get a larger version that looks just as great. This Nightingale  bag has been around for a while but this newer brushed suede version comes with stamped croc exterior.


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