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Pets at Home is in the legal doghouse!

The British label is suing the pet company for copyright infringement after selling dog coats and baskets in 250 stores using a SIMILAR plaid that Burberry is famous for.

Pets at Home already pulled the items from it’s shelves, but that’s wasn’t enough for Burberry.

If they’re claiming the plaids are “similar” then why isn’t Burberry taking the LVMH route and suing all those other companies selling faux Burberry items????


She’s got a new hair color, so why not a new designer handbag as well? Jessica Alba ran errands wile showing off her new red locks (I’m on the fence) and her Burberry Manor purse, which comes in a lovely russety leather. The laidback outfit is nothing to write home about, but thanks to the Burberry bag it’s a look worth noticing.

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Here’s a celebrity that most men are envious of. Besides his down to earth personality, his many talents, and divine good looks… Mr. Brad Pitt sure knows how to dress. The always-stylish father of six is pictured above at JFK airport, after a trip to Cannes, France to promote his new and upcoming movie, Inglorious Basterds, a film by Quentin Tarantino. I can only imagine the tight schedule Brad Pitt is always on, yet he still manages to look great. What’s his outfit of choice for a long flight back home? A pair of denims, many layers of shirts, a nice supple leather jacket, sunnies, a newspaper boy hat, and his ultra functional Burberry Messenger Bag.

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