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Blake Lively
Blake Lively made quite  splash at Cannes recently. She picked all the right outfits, had amazing hair and makeup. The poses she made with hubby Ryan Reynolds are what stole the show. They somehow managed to look at each other in ways that really conveyed to the camera how much in love they still are with each other. Although it looked genuine and spontaneous, the cynic in all of us wonders how much of the public displays of affection on the red carpet are due to the fact that they know hundred of cameras are zoomed in on them. If you found yourself in their shoes, would you also shamelessly play up your love for the camera?

It didn’t end there. Not only were her red carpet looks unbelievably glamorous, her airport attire also has the fashion blogosphere aflutter with envy. Everything in this look is so on point – the trendy yet classic loafers. This is how to do a comfy, flat shoe without letting it get boring. Her very French-inspired cropped pants with black top. And our favorite pieces of the look – the brown leather jacket and the Givenchy Mini Pandora Shoulder bag. Some people have been saying the new Alexander Wang bag) (the one carried by Lea Michele recently in this size is will be the new It bag but if we had to choose, we’d go for Givenchy. What about you?


If you like your fashion on the glamorous side, you probably have a thing for Olivia Palermo. The girl is known for her ability to always look put together as if she was coordinated specifically for a magazine editorial. Here she has the Louis Vuitton Sofia Coppola bag in red. She was spotted at the airport in Cannes after days of fancy parties on yatchs.

The weird thing about Olivia is that if you watch her in her reality show The City, she comes across as someone who absolutely hates the fashion industry. The girl was famous for doing anything to get out of having to work, which was strange because she was working at Teen Vogue. The truth is she only likes fashion when it comes to dressing herself. If she has to dress someone else or talk about fashion with lowly commoners, she has a panic attack. Here’s what she wore to Cannes this month.


Diane Kruger spotted with Chanel 224 Croc Reissue Flap bag

Diana Kruger is one of Chanel frontman Karl Lagerfeld’s favorite girls, somewhere in the top 5 next to Blake Lively, Kiera Knightley and Cara Delvigne. The bag she’s carrying is small but if it were any bigger, it would become the focus of her outfit because she’s so frail. On the other hand, it’s her lithe frame that makes her look good no matter what she’s wearing, even if it just appears to be a peacoat.

She former model is so incredibly thin than she had to get breast implants because she doesn’t have a fleck of adipose on her. You can’t have it all. Some models lose so much weight trying to get slender legs that they end up having to get facial fillers to get some roundness back in their cheeks. Diane seems to be sporting a fuller figure lately. She looked absolutely stunning this month at Cannes.

Diane Kruger spotted with Chanel 224 Croc Reissue Flap bag2

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