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What a wild ride it’s been for Cara Delvingne. She’s only been in the modelling world for a few years but she’s skyrocketed to fame. Of course, it helps that her family is extremely well connected but that doesn’t explain why designers act like she’s the most beautiful woman to have ever lived. Chanel’s Karl Lagerfeld called her the new Kate Moss, but to be fair, he complimented her charming personality more than her looks. It seems her wild and crazy antics are what have won her a legion of powerful fans. Mulberry has even named a bag after her – the Cara Delvingne bag, which she’s been spotted carrying all over the place during Paris Fashion Week.

Cara Fendi Be Baguette Bag
For the last few weeks, various fashion weeks have been taking place around the world. Whenever this time of year comes around, you can be sure to see models, actors and anyone who’s anyone in the fashion biz dressed to the 9’s. Even Cara Delvigne, who dresses somewhat sloppily on her downtime (overalls, tanks and tennis shoes) made the effort to look like a lady. She looked downright glam with this Fendi Be Baguette. 

The original Fendi Baguette was made popular by Sarah Jessica Parker’s character Carrie on Sex And The City in the late 90’s and early 00’s. The original version was smaller and slimmer as well. The updated version is more in sync with current trends. The solid, symmetrical shape and bold color are just right for 2013.  


You know you’ve really made it in the fashion world when stoic Karl Lagerfeld lets you hang over him like Cara is in the middle picture. The young model also happens to be fashion’s It girl of the moment. Her cat-like eyes, button nose and devious smirk have something to do with it but it’s her partying lifestyle and quirky antics that really keep her in the headlines.

Most of the time when she’s photographed out and about in London, she looks like a scraggly teenager with a great body. At formal events, she manages to look well put together. Her Chanel Black and White Color Block flap bag is muted and contrasts well with the plum-colored jeans, purple boots and navy jacket. The silver top is a reminder that is a girl who doesn’t like playing it safe yet knows just how to work it anyway.

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